Stock Ness Gammonster Foodimal

Tots 100 are running a fantastic competition to win a £500 Sony home cinema system to celebrate the release of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. All you have to do is get the kids involved and come up with your own Foodimal (or animal made of food).

I thought this sounded like great fun as Lewis is at an age where he can be quite picky about his food.

After a lot of thinking we came up with the idea of The Stock Ness Gammonster.

It was a family effort to design the dish. Lewis thought the trees should be made of leaves (I was thinking broccoli, but funny the idea of eating little broccoli trees never did work with Lewis. Though in saying that he won’t eat lettuce either!) Mr C imagined bread roll mountains, and I was in charge of production.

Here is our creation:


The biggest challenge was stopping Lewis from eating the gammon long enough for us to take a picture!

But here it is. Caught on Camera – The Stock Ness Gammonster!

Are your children picky eaters? Do you think making food more fun would encourage them to try new foods and choose healthier options?

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