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As a parent one of the hardest things is when people in a position of authority give conflicting advice.

I’m sure everyone in the UK is aware that the recommended age for weaning (in the UK this means starting solids) is 6 months. Professionals are resolute that this is the optimum time to introduce your baby to foods (unless they advise you otherwise on medical grounds). However, when the advice was 4-6 months, I’m confident that the professionals were certain that anywhere in this range was a suitable time.

I understand that research progresses our knowledge and the government don’t make recommendations without giving the facts due consideration, however I feel that these strict guidelines are just another way of pressurising parents. And if you don’t manage to wait till 6 months then, ‘Tut Tut, don’t you want to give your baby the best start in life?’

I weaned both my boys at around 5 months. I actually tried the second one at 4 months but he wasn’t interested at that time (I was hoping it might help with the colicky symptoms he displays in the evenings). So that leads me to wonder…

Does it even matter? Wouldn’t your baby let you know if they weren’t happy? Isn’t that why lots of people do wean early? I doubt anyone out there is force feeding a baby who doesn’t enjoy food.

I don’t have the answers. I’m just not entirely convinced that the Doctor’s and Health Visitors do either!

Did you wean your baby ‘early’, and if so do you feel guilty about it?   I love reading your comments and reply to as many as I can.

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  • Lucie says:

    The ages range changed when i had both my kids (now 11 and 8) My son was a proper hungry baby so I weaned him at 4 months! He was so ready!! I really think it depends on the child!

  • Each baby is so different. I waited until 6 months before weaning twins on the advice of their consultant because they were premature, but I know many who have weaned early because they have a hungry baby. It really does depend on the baby and as long as they’re getting all the right nutrients and vitamins that’s what’s important. Thanks for linking up #binkylinky

  • Having had my children across a ten year time frame I can say that the advice changes all the time. I have found it is really best to follow your instincts on this one, I did and each of them was slightly different. #BinkyLinky

  • Mummy Swan says:

    One of the most frustrating things about parenthood is the conflicting advice, so annoying. You have to use your instinct but in new situations you often don’t have instincts about these things!
    I weaned around 5 1/2 months, mainly because my husband is very cautious and overly worried about allergies! #binkylinky

  • Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) says:

    I weaned a bit late. I started giving him baby food at six months but i breastfed him till he is 2. So there. Its really a choice and how you feel the baby is ready =)


  • Victoria says:

    i think its just a recommendation, as it all very individual and depends on you and your baby-when you are ready #binkylinky

  • We gave Toby his first solid food at five and a half months but only because it was Christmas Day and we thought it would be nice for him to have something. He only played with it though and didn’t eat anything! As it happens, he’s only really started being interested in food now at seven and a half months. But I think that just goes to show all babies are different. Some babies maybe are ready for solids at five months, others not until seven or eight months. I think you can only do what you think is best for your baby.

    • mydaysni says:

      I agree, I think the guidelines should be more flexible though as many parents feel that their baby should behave a certain way, if that’s what they’ve been advised. I wonder if you continued to try him with food daily after the 6 month stage or if seeing he wasn’t interested you left it for a week or so at a time? Thanks for stopping by #binkylinky

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