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Spanish Potatoes Recipe

Okay, there is no denying it, this Spanish potatoes recipe is not local to Northern Ireland! However, it uses potatoes so I’m thinking I can get away with it!

I actually came up with this recipe after buying a ready to cook convenience tray of Spanish Potatoes. They tasted quite yummy, so I just had a sneak peek at the ingredients and decided I would just make my own in future!

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Potato Bread Recipe

Who could live without potatoes? They’re cheap and filling and incredibly versatile…and sometimes you make too many!

Well here is a perfect simple local potato bread recipe for using up any leftover potatoes you may have, though there’s nothing wrong with making these just for the sake of it!

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You will need:

240g peeled boiled potatoes such as Maris Piper (mash these or use a potato ricer if you have one)

120g plain flour

20g butter

pinch of salt

a little oil for frying

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Knead together all the ingredients until you have a pliable dough. Then roll out the dough on a floured surface.

This recipe will make around 6 potato breads which I  simply cut out of the dough. If you would rather, you can cook them as a whole and then cut them into pieces at the end (this is the traditional way). Personally I find it easier to work with smaller pieces.

You should pre-heat a frying pan to a medium heat and spray with a little cooking oil.

Add each potato bread (or farl as we in Northern Ireland like to call them) and fry on each side for 2-3 minutes. They are ready when they have taken on a mottled effect.

Traditional Potato Farl

Traditional Potato Farl

Your potato bread is ready to serve immediately or can be reheated later.

To reheat, fry in a little oil, grill, or toast.

Serve as part of a cooked breakfast (the local favourite being an Ulster Fry), or toast and serve with cheese.

This is a really fantastic recipe, which could easily be adapted by adding extra ingredients, such as some fresh herbs, onions or cooked meat such as bacon pieces.

Have fun experimenting!

Champ recipe

No-one could deny that the stereotype that Irish people love potatoes holds more than a little truth. This particular champ recipe is more common to Northern Ireland and a great cheap tasty way to fill hungry bellies on a cold winters day.
In this recipe I have used a potato ricer which is great for lump free fluffy potatoes, but a potato masher can also be used.

To get started you will need:
4 medium floury potatoes (eg maris piper or navan though you could use any sort)
6 tablespoons of milk
2 tablespoons of butter
2 scallions (also known as spring onions)
salt and pepper if desired

To cook your potatoes either steam them or boil them in their skins. This will stop them from falling apart and absorbing too much water. This will take around 30 minutes or until they hold no resistance when pierced.
While the potatoes are cooking wash and slice your scallions and add your butter and milk to a clean saucepan.


When your potatoes are ready, peel the skins off them, while gently heating your saucepan containing the milk and butter. Using your potato ricer, add the potatoes to the milk and butter.


Add a little salt and pepper to season, if desired, and fold in your scallions. The heat from the potatoes will slightly soften your scallions.
This dish is great served with meat and vegetables, with a cold meat salad, or simply on its own.
To make more adjust the quantities accordingly. I hope you enjoy this champ recipe!

recipe for champ