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outdoor play for babies

Taking the Inside Out

If you read my post 10 benefits of having two children you will know that one of them is the ability to recycle and reuse items such as toys. I have kept nearly everything Lewis had and now Aaron has come along to put these goods to use. Though I have a slight problem. We are  temporarily renting after our relocation, and about 50% of our belongings remain in boxes, stored in every conceivable place we can fit them.

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Carnfunnock Country Park Larne

Determined not to be held back by winter cold’s and grey skies any longer, we decided one March day to visit Carnfunnock Country Park. Their website looks great and promises lots of activities for children of all ages, although it does say to phone in advance to find out which attractions are open. We didn’t do this which in hindsight was mistake. Still being classed as out of season, and being a Sunday morning, the only staffed areas which were open were the cafes.

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