Cake for Breakfast?

I am often told that I, “Say it as it is.” Or that I, “Call a spade a spade.” And in truth, I do. Well, what else am I supposed … Continue Reading →

Lessons in LIfe

Lessons in Life

I had to attend a parent teacher interview recently. They occur regularly to allow the Primary 1 teacher and I time to sit down and talk about how Lewis is progressing … Continue Reading →

Having Two Children

The Truth About Having Two Children.

I can hardly believe my two boys are becoming so grown up, now they are one and four!  What a journey it has been! Busy, exciting, wonderful, and becoming increasingly, … Continue Reading →

Goodie Bag

Northern Ireland Bloggers Meet-Up and Giveaway!

One average day on twitter a blogger called Vicki (@elliebearbabi) reached out to all those Northern Ireland Bloggers writing about parenting and lifestyle to see if there was any interest in having a … Continue Reading →