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12 Ways Being a Mum is Like Being a University Student.

12 ways being a mum is like being a student

When I attended University I thought it would prepare me for my working life. I thought it would be the foundations of a fabulous career. What I didn’t know was that it would also prepare me for Motherhood, as some of the experiences are incredibly similar. Here are 12 ways being a mum is like being a University student.

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Cake for Breakfast?


I am often told that I, “Say it as it is.” Or that I, “Call a spade a spade.” And in truth, I do. Well, what else am I supposed to call it? As I have become older, and perhaps a little wiser, I have learned at times it is better to say nothing at all. Or, as a friend of mine recently put it, to deliver a ‘shit sandwich’. In other words, if you are going to say something you know the recipient won’t like, at least lead up to it and follow it with something nice:

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Baby brain advice

Baby Brain – Does It Ever End?

We have all heard the stories about poor women inflicted with the condition commonly known as ‘Baby Brain.’ Women who have brushed their teeth with haemmaroid cream, forgotten how to use the microwave, and left their baby on the bus! Thankfully I have never done any of those things.¬†Which is about the only thing I have to be thankful for as far as Baby Brain goes.

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