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Lessons in LIfe

Lessons in Life

I had to attend a parent teacher interview recently. They occur regularly to allow¬†the Primary 1 teacher and I time to sit down and talk about how Lewis is progressing in class. He is doing great. He really is… but, I left with the realisation that my son is not a child genius. However, since then I have been talking to some other P1 mums. It turns out, none of their children are child geniuses either! In fact, I suspect that all of the children in P1 could improve upon their skill set somewhat. I guess it probably comes with the territory of being in P1.

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Handwriting Books

Penpals at Home Review

With Lewis starting school this is the perfect time for us to spend more time practicing his handwriting. I really hoped the Penpals at Home range from Cambridge University Press would appeal to him, and encourage him to enjoy the learning experience.

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