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How to Declutter on a Grand Scale


Moving house four times in as many years was a good eye opener as to just how much stuff Mr C and I had accumulated over the years! I was beginning to wonder if I was a hoarder! What we really needed to know was how to declutter on a grand scale! Only we insisted on moving our stuff from country to country and only skimming a little off the top with each subsequent house. Usually to make room for more stuff, or to replace the stuff we couldn’t find that was still packed in boxes!

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Graham and Brown Collection

Decorating with Graham and Brown

Now that my building work is progressing nicely, I have purchased nearly everything I need in terms of fixtures and fittings. This means I can start to turn my mind to the more exciting task of choosing decorative items! In fact, when Graham and Brown offered to help me out it meant I had to do just that!

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What Makes a House a Home?

What Makes A House A Home - by My Days NI

With all my building work, this past week has seen me think a lot about what makes a house a home. Some say, “Home is where the heart is!” Some say, “Home is where you hang your hat!” I don’t whole-heartedly support either of these.

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Sarah Moore book review

Vintage Home Book Review

I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of Sarah Moore’s, Vintage Home, book to review. It was sent by The Works, which I have to admit, is a shop I am pretty familiar with. I love that I can walk in, and find books on subjects I wouldn’t even have thought about looking for, as well as those I have. Usually at a pretty reasonable price too!

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