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Pallet Herb Garden

#Littleloves Featuring a Herb Garden and a Heatwave!

Are you all fed up talking about this week’s heatwave? To be fair, I spent ‘that day’ on the beach where it was a pleasant 20 degrees with a steady fresh breeze! It was very nice though! I could happily do it every week! Here’s what else I have been enjoying this week!

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Winnie the Pooh Card

As Time Goes By! #LittleLoves

As time goes by they say you become older and wiser. I not sure if there is much truth in that for me. Older? Certainly – and I look it! Wiser? It’s debatable, very very debatable! This past week has seen me add another year to my age, but I don’t celebrate Birthday’s like I used to. No more mad parties. (Maybe I am wiser after all!) But I do try to take a moment to appreciate all the things I have achieved in my years on this earth. To appreciate all the people that I share my life with. And of course, to appreciate the little things that make me smile every day! So as usual I am linking up with But Why Mummy Why to bring you this week’s Little Loves.

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herb garden

Herb Garden in a Flower Pot

I would love to grow as much of my own fruit and vegetables as possible. I really would! I will…someday! However, I’m not very green fingered so I thought I would start with a little herb garden in a flower pot. This is one of the simplest ways of having some fresh produce ready when you need it.

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outdoor play for babies

Taking the Inside Out

If you read my post 10 benefits of having two children you will know that one of them is the ability to recycle and reuse items such as toys. I have kept nearly everything Lewis had and now Aaron has come along to put these goods to use. Though I have a slight problem. We are  temporarily renting after our relocation, and about 50% of our belongings remain in boxes, stored in every conceivable place we can fit them.

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