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Kitchens, Conferences and Kids #LittleLoves

Utensil storage

We are half way through the school holidays! I can barely believe it! How does time go by so quickly? And don’t tell Mr C, but the boys and I have lay in bed till after 9am three times this week! It is practically unheard of! I almost feel guilty! Shhh…

Here’s this week’s #LittleLoves:

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Folic Acid: Fact versus Fiction


Folic Facts

Folic acid is for all sexually active woman of child bearing age! Fact.

You are not planning to become pregnant so you do not need to take folic acid? Fiction.

Half of all pregnancies in Northern Ireland are unplanned. You might think an unplanned pregnancy couldn’t happen to you, but most contraceptives are only 99% effective. It could happen!

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