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clementsmount farm

Clementsmount Fun Farm

I have been wanting to go to Clementsmount Fun Farm for a while now. Their website looks great and shows lots of fun activities within the grounds. The weather was dry and sunny so off we set.

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boys yellow digger bedroom

Boy’s Yellow Bedroom Ideas

You may be aware I have been struggling to come up with some boy’s yellow bedroom ideas. Lewis has some rather exacting criteria for his new bedroom (in a house that we don’t yet have!) I spent most of last week trawling the internet looking for inspiration.

To be honest I was very nearly at the point of giving up, but I feel guilty. It has been a hard year for Lewis. He moved house and moved country. Started and then moved playgroup. He has had to adapt to the addition of a baby brother and become accustomed to his Daddy coming home in the evenings after two years working away.

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Drawing diggers

Designing a yellow boy’s bedroom

As you may know, I’m hoping a house move is on the cards this year. I hope I’m not getting ahead of myself but I have already started pinning ideas and asking Lewis what he would like if he gets a new bedroom. He has responded to my query and his wish is for his bedroom to be “yellow – brighter than the sun! With diggers and farms”.

Okaaay… not too sure about that. I want him to be involved and make choices, but at the same time I want it to look good!

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