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Kite flying Portstewart

Catching Up with #LittleLoves

I missed the last two weeks Little Loves with Morgana! I can hardly believe it myself, as I really enjoy these posts, regardless of how imaginative my links are to the headings! So this week I have pulled some of the highlights from the last few weeks to share with you.

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My Days at Easter

Although the school Easter holidays spanned two weeks, I hadn’t intended to take a coinciding blogging break. However, that is what happened, and it was fabulous! The first week passed in a blur as I packed our bags for a little family holiday to the North Coast of Northern Ireland. As there was snow whilst I packed, I had all our waterproofs and wellie boots at the ready! As it turned out I was wishing I packed shorts and sandals!

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Cadbury Mini Creme Egg Make-Over

Decorate Cadbury Mini Creme Egg

Give a Cadbury Mini Creme Egg a Make-Over? Why would anyone do such a thing? I know, I know – those little guys are pretty fab, just the way they are. However, if you can make something better by adding sprinkles then why not?

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Novel, Jack Reacher, Personal

Friends and Fancy Foods #LittleLoves

Hello there! My this has been a short week! I think the fact that I was away visiting friends last weekend has thrown me out of sync! It was lovely to catch up with a very very dear friend of mine. She doesn’t read my blog though, this dear friend of mine. Her words were, ‘Don’t you just write about Daz or something and then get a year’s free supply of washing powder?’  No – to be honest my blog isn’t really like that! However, Daz, if you’re reading – I would be totally up for that! With two young kids that’s gotta be worth about a million pounds! Otherwise, here’s this week’s Little Loves:

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lough neagh easter

Lough Neagh Shore Antrim

This Easter we decided to go to the  Lough Neagh Shore at Antrim to roll our hard boiled eggs for Easter. Rolling hard boiled eggs until they crack, and eating the contents for lunch, is something I have fond memories of doing as a child. Now  that I’m an adult however, I have some issues with all the ‘nature’ that ends up stuck to them when they split open!

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