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Catch Up with My Days – December 2016


Hello hello hello!!! And Happy New Year! I do apologise for my absence on the blog over the last while. I  do have an excuse though – I returned to work. So no more lazing around watching day time t.v. No more spontaneous outings. My life is now run with military precision. Well… that might be an exaggeration, but it will be, just as soon as I get organised. If that is even possible as a working mum? I’m going to give it a try anyway!

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Getting Ready for Christmas – Featuring Tesco NI

Holly and berries

Christmas season is upon us, and I am not ready. Of course I am not ready! Is anyone ever actually ready in advance? Have your homes been cleaned from top to bottom? Cards all written? Presents all wrapped? Are your children’s eyes twinkling with magic and delight, while they behave impeccably in anticipation of the big day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please share the secret of your success!

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mantlepiece decor

Rumpelstiltskin, a Living Room Update, and Life as a Working Mum

Hello there. Can you believe it is December? Suddenly all the protests of , “It’s too early for Christmas”, turn into blind panic that there is in fact, not enough time now! I know that is how I feel. A few weeks ago I took on a seasonal job in a retail store, and that has definitely impacted on my ability to achieve anything else. I am enjoying it though. I have never worked in a retail environment before so it has taken me a moment to find my feet, but that is all part of the reason I took the job. That, and the fact that if ever there is a time a cash injection is welcome, it has to be around Christmas.

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My Days this Christmas

Hello there! I’ve been a bit missing in action recently, but I make no apologies – I have been busy enjoying the festive season and indulging in far too many mice pies! So a belated Happy New Year to you all, and I hope you also enjoyed Christmas?

I recently wrote a post about how this might be my favourite Christmas of all, and do you know what – it turned out to be everything I wished it would!

For the first time in about 5 years we weren’t all sniffling and sneezing our way through the Christmas dinner. That in itself was a bonus! More importantly I got to spend lots of time with my lovely wee family. In fact, I was so caught up with enjoying the moment there was barely even a photo taken on Christmas Day!

All my close family came round on Christmas Eve for their dinner. This was the first time I have hosted for my whole family so I was really pleased that everyone appeared to enjoy themselves, and all the little kids were so excited about Santa’s imminent arrival, it was lovely to see the excitement in their eyes!

Christmas Day itself was a quieter affair, we choose to have it all to ourselves this year, just the four of us. And after hosting for fifteen the previous evening, Christmas dinner for four was a piece of a cake – not literally a piece of cake you understand – we still had turkey with all the trimmings. I should have taken a picture, but alas, I was halfway through eating before I thought of that!

After a couple of days chilling out we packed our bags and headed over to Nottingham to spend the New Year period with my husband’s family. With the young kids and the paraphernalia we insist on trailing around with us, we tend to choose to drive. This involves a 10 hour boat journey and (according to the SatNav) a two and a half hour drive. Last year the drive took 8 hours, but thankfully this year the weather was kinder, and there were not numerous road accidents, and so we made good time.

car journey

A road trip across England on New Year’s Day. Looking forward to whatever other adventures 2015 brings!

We travelled with Stena Line, overnight on the way there, and on the day time sailing for the return journey.  Sleeping your way through the journey absolutely makes it go faster, and the beds are actually pretty comfortable. They do have a cinema and softplay so that helped keep the kids entertained during the day.

I’m feeling pretty optimistic about 2015. I have so many things I would like to do. I know I won’t achieve them all, but for me that is what life is all about. Dreams and ambitions. A desire to live in the moment, look forward with anticipation to the future, and reflect and learn from the past. So I raise a glass to you all. And as they would say in Scotland – Lang may your lum reek!


Love the Little Things #9

Less than one week to go! Can you even believe it??? Thankfully I have had a slightly more productive week than I did last week, though it has been hectic! I am gleaming that four year olds these days have a far more advanced social life than I ever did at that age, or now for that matter! Not that I am envious you understand. In fact, maybe it will be a useful skill to add to my CV should I ever decide to apply for a job as a taxi driver!

Moving on…. here are all the Little Things I have been loving this week:


Lewis performing in his nativity. He was a donkey bless him. Well, not just a donkey – the donkey that was Mary and Joseph’s sidekick. It was actually quite well done. The younger children had ‘parts’, and the older children narrated, so everyone got their moment in the limelight, which I thought was a nice way to do it.

I also watched Santa Paws. Have you seen it? The acting is very amateurish in (most) places, but let’s just say, I got quite emotionally attached, and I was genuinely concerned for Santa and his Puppy at one point! It was all okay in the end though.. phew!


This –

Planning NI

Hurrah! We officially have planning permission for the works we want to do to the house – just as well since we have already started  to do some little bits, like taking out walls… I always knew it would go through… but it is nice to have it in writing.


It’s all been very festive again this week. Christmas carol singers in the street, songs on the radio, me singing with the kids. When Lewis, Aaron and I stand and play the piano together (none of us can actually play) and sing Jingle Bells with all the gusto we can muster, it really is a good thing we live rurally! But we love it!


I actually think it has been milder this week, though when I am sitting watching the twinkly lights on the tree, eating mince pies in my pyjamas, I still like to be cosy. So winter socks and comfy jammies have been appearing as soon as the boys go to bed!

Woolly socks


I had a mammoth bake-off one day, trying to prepare for the Christmas rush, but the prettiest thing made was these little guys –

marshmallow snowmen

I’m sure you have seen pictures of marshmallow snowmen elsewhere – don’t they look so cute and simple to make. Trust me, it is more fiddly than it looks, but the little guys were worth it!

And that concludes my little loves round up this week. Now I will be taking a Love the Little Things break for a few weeks, but you can still catch up with me here and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I hope you have had a lovely little week too?