Your Portrait Review

your portrait review

When I was asked if I would do a Your Portrait review, I jumped at the chance. Who doesn’t love a bit of personalisation, and that is exactly what this company are all about. Using a digital photo of a person’s portrait, their graphic designers transform it into something fabulous.  And the range of what that can be is huge.

Have your photograph incorporated into a cartoon character, a superhero or a pop art portrayal. Make it look hand painted, pencil drawn or create a mosaic from your favourite photos… and these are just some of the options available.

I chose a photo of my two boys and asked for the expression range. This gives the photo the impression that it has been hand painted, and erases the background. After the graphic designers worked their magic they sent me a digital copy to review before printing. I was happy with the copy so they printed it off and had it delivered within a few days.

your portrait before and after

I received a 20cm x 20cm canvas, and I absolutely love it. It is the perfect size to sit on my desk and I have already spent several hours just gazing at how gorgeous my boys are. Okay, I know I am biased, but this was one of my favourite photos of my boys, and now it is even more special.

your portrait canvas

The canvas is made from a sturdy construction and is fitted with string, which will be useful if I ever decide to hang it instead. As you can see from my photos, even close up, the quality of the colour and print on the canvas is really good.

your review collage

One of the things you will probably notice is that when you go to the Your Portrait website, you are redirected to the English version of the original French site, which is indeed because the portraits are produced in France. As a customer, one of the improvements I would suggest is a clearer indication of the shipping costs. I like to know how much to expect to pay, before reaching the checkout stage. I also think the price point is quite high. This canvas would have cost me around £70 delivered. If it had been just one face it would have been closer to £50. The website does have a section explaining all the different costing options of the products, and you can even have phone covers and key rings made.

Overall, my Your Portrait review has been a positive one. I love the range of products, and I am especially delighted with the canvas they gifted me. I can see this website as a perfect place to order gifts for your Granny, or for your teenage son. (What boy wouldn’t want to see himself immortalised on paper as a superhero?) The staff were in regular contact with me, giving me up-dates on my order, which I always find reassuring. If you are in need of gift ideas or a new photo for your desk or wall, I recommend having a look at the Your Portrait website.


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