Vintage Home Book Review

I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of Sarah Moore’s, Vintage Home, book to review. It was sent by The Works, which I have to admit, is a shop I am pretty familiar with. I love that I can walk in, and find books on subjects I wouldn’t even have thought about looking for, as well as those I have. Usually at a pretty reasonable price too!

The biggest problem generated by my love of books is finding somewhere to put them all. In fact, I have had to start being much more resolute in my aim of only keeping books which will actually be opened again, and not just another eye-catching addition to my collection! In my ideal world my new home would incorporate a library – sadly though that is not to be!

Luckily for me, Vintage Home definitely falls into the ‘keep for future reference’ category.

vintage home book review


It is a hardback book packed full of inspiring photography and tutorials on interior projects. Although some of the fabrics and papers used may be a little too ‘vintage’ for my tastes, that does not matter. It is the easy step by step processes which are laid out on each page, that make this book so engaging. I have already made a list of projects that I wish to carry out in my new home. My top three picks are, Drying Herbs,  Making a Vintage Wreath and giving a Chest of Drawers a makeover! There are plenty more but I can’t list them all here!

One of the aspects about this Vintage Home book which really impresses me, is the quality of the paper. It is thick, and heavy, and it almost feels a little vintage in itself – in the sense that it would last the test of time.

sarah moore book review

If, like me, you are perhaps a little more accustomed to Visa online than vintage fairs, then the introduction of this book will gently show you the way. Giving advice on what products to buy and where to find them, this book really is like having a friend show you the ropes.

I own, and have read, other interior craft books, however I am frequently left frustrated as often many of the projects require specialist equipment. I can honestly say that Vintage Home does offer plenty of practical projects, which can be achieved on a realistic budget. Which is absolutely what I am looking for at present!

I’m looking forward to updating you when I complete my first Sarah Moore project! Which hopefully, won’t be very long at all!



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