The Wedding Book of Everyone – A Review

The wedding book of everyone

If you are a regular reader of my blog you may remember that I have the honoured position of Bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding later this year. (P.s. Laura and Stephen, please read no further! Xxx) So when I was asked to review a copy of The Wedding Book of Everyone, I felt this would be a perfect little gift to send the happy couple.

The concept is simple. You enter the names and dates of birth of the happy couple to the on-line website, and a personalised book is generated. There is also an option to add your own comments, and photos, in some areas of the book. Although you can skip these parts, and use the pre-designed artists material if you wish.

The Book of everyone - wedding

It includes lots of trivia and facts relevant to the person it is designed for. Information such as, what the number one song was when the person was born, or the trending hairstyles of the day. The book is split into two with each person getting half the book about them.

Wedding Book of Everyone

Once you are happy with any changes you make, you can order your book. You can choose from a Hardcover Version (£44.50) or a Delux Version (£64.50) and just a few days later The Wedding Book of Everyone arrives in the post. (The website says free UK mainland delivery, but they currently use Royal Mail, so there was no extra charge for delivery to Northern Ireland when I ordered.)

So, here’s what I thought when my Hardcover Version arrived:

  • The book was well packaged, and included a soft touch laminated box to keep the book in top condition over the years. The box definitely added a touch of luxury to the product.
  • The paper quality within the book is fantastic. The paper is thick and feels strong. The colours are vibrant and the hardback cover has a beautiful soft suede-like texture.
  • The facts and information within the book are interesting, and some of them are quite amusing also – depending on your sense of humour of course!
  • This book is a unique gift that I’m sure would be more memorable than a new teapot! I do not doubt the happy couple would spend a great deal of time pouring over the contents and delight in finding out new facts about their other half, and themselves!
  • To truly make this book suitable for everyone, I think further personalisation options would be great. More comment and additional picture options would allow the purchaser to inject more of the couple’s history onto the pages. And perhaps being able to theme the book with a category such as vintage, classic or modern, etc, would allow it to more accurately reflect the personalities of the recipients.
  • It would also be useful if there was an option to change the dates. For example, I will have to give the recipients the book early as the groom has a birthday before the wedding. Therefore where the book says his age, by the time of the wedding this information will be incorrect. And as most people buy gifts in advance, this could result in some errors. It would also be quite a nice touch if the date of the wedding was included somewhere. (*Post publication – The online form has now been changed so that you enter the wedding date, and the ages of the recipients are based on that date! I am most impressed that The Book of Everyone listened to my thoughts and now the book is even better than before!)
  • The online ordering system is really easy to use, and you can preview the entire book before deciding to order.
  • This book is a keeper. It will probably be put on the bookcase beside the happy couple’s wedding album. Not a bad place for your gift to end up!

Why don’t you go and check out The Book of Everyone. Not only is there a Wedding Edition, but there are also pre-designed books for Mum/Dad/Individual and more, making it a great option for any occasion!

Prices and delivery information correct at the time of publication.

*I was gifted a copy of this book for review. All opinions are honest and mine.



  • I haven’t read the book, but it looks very cool.

    Celia from Brand Of Beauty xx

  • Filipa says:

    That’s a great idea. I didn’t know that such a thing even existed. It’s a perfect gift to add to your weeding gift. Thank you very much for the tip. I just have to wait for my BFF to get married, so that I can offer her.

    xx Filipa

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