ClaireaBella BrideaBella Review – as a Hen Party Gift Idea!


Brideabella by Claireabella

When I was offered the opportunity to participate in a ClaireaBella BrideaBella Review by Toxic Fox, I knew that this would be a perfect gift to give my friend Laura on her Hen Night! I have the honoured position as one of her Bridesmaids, which also means I had a responsibility to do what I could to ensure her Hen Party was celebrated with style, and that she had an evening with her friends that she wouldn’t forget!

When I ordered the BrideaBella on the Toxic Fox Website I was able to select Hair Style, Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Skin Tone and add up to 12 characters of personalised text. The process was really easy, and the website generates a preview so you can see what your designed character will look like. This way the character on the bag has a real resemblance to the person for whom it is intended! The hard part for me was deciding what to have as the text! In the end I went with “Bride To Be”. I can just imagine Laura running around in the weeks before her wedding, collecting all the the last minute odds and ends and transporting them in her BrideaBella! Declaring to the world that she is getting married, and doing it in style! People may not always notice an engagement ring – but they won’t miss a ClaireaBella! And just in case anyone should question the bag’s authenticity…it’s written on the back!

BrideaBella Bag in Detail

In fact, in my opinion, it is all the little details which give the BrideaBella the wow factor, and help to justify the £40 price tag. The bag features Swarovski elements, a ‘Hand Made With Love’ Charm, a dusting of glitter, and the bags are all hand painted! If you are looking for a special gift to give someone who is getting married, this is a great option! It’s so much fun, but it is also really practical, extremely strong, and delightfully unique!

All the guests for the evening were provided with a goodie bag, filled with the usual Hen Party “stuff” and accessories to help us party the night away! Laura was treated to hers in this gorgeous BrideaBella Jute Bag  which had been personalised especially for her!

BrideaBella Hen Party Gift Bag

Thank you to everyone who played a part in the success of the evening, and Toxic Fox for gifting Laura a BrideaBella Jute Bag! All the little touches and the nicest group of girls one could hope to meet, all contributed to a fantastic evening! Now to prepare for the wedding! I cannot wait!!!

If you know someone who would love a BrideaBella you should check out the Toxic Fox Website and see the range for yourself!




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