Baker Days Cake Review

Mr C and I are well experienced in the art that is finding gifts to post to relatives and friends. So when Baker Days asked if they could send me one of their letterbox cakes to review, I was only too happy to oblige!

My initial thoughts on the concept were good. A cake which could be personalised then delivered to the person of your choice, for less than £15! In particular I thought this would be good for our older relatives. You know, the Grandmas and Grandads who have pretty much everything they want. The ones you are pretty sure have enough socks to last them, since that is what you usually send!

SInce I had a few Birthday’s coming up I asked them to send me a cake that said ‘Happy Birthday’, in a pretty colourful design. There are hundreds of designs available on the Baker Days website. It wasn’t long before my cake arrived!

Baker Days Letterbox Cakes Review

Here’s what I thought of the Baker Days Cake:

  • I loved the packaging. The tin the cake was packaged in was both a practical way of keeping the cake protected, and a nice memento for the receiver to keep.  However, I was not given any choice of tin design. I really like this one, but if the gift had been for a male recipient I’m not sure if this would have suited. It would be great if the purchaser could pick the tin design too!
  • I liked the little extra touches such as the love hearts and card that were also included.
  • Considering it fit through the letterbox the cake was quite a good size. I would say it contains 4 average sized portions.
  • The cake had a best before date two weeks ahead of receipt. The sponge was nice and had a little bit of filling at the bottom of the cake. The icing was sweet, but not overpowering.
  • In terms of cost Mr C and I both felt this cake was at it’s limit. We might pay £14.99, but we certainly wouldn’t want to pay any more. However, we would both be more than happy to receive it, and think it is quite an unusual gift, made even more special due to the range of personalisations available.


Enjoying a Baker Days Cake


Thank you Baker Days for sending this cake. Mr C sure did enjoy it on his Birthday! As did the rest of my little family!


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