Pear Crumble Recipe

Everyone knows the good old fashioned classic that is apple crumble, but I have a contender – Pear Crumble. I think I was pregnant the first time I made this. Too lazy to go to the shop, but craving something sweet, a rummage around my cupboards resulted in this pear crumble recipe.

I cheat a little bit by using tinned pears, but there is a reason for this. The benefit to this is I nearly always have the ingredients in the house (see above). Plus, in the event of an unexpected visitor, it is so easy to throw this together, and takes about 40 minutes from start to finish.

It really is a simple case of substituting the apples and sugar, for pears in fruit juice. But for those of you who aren’t sure about making a crumble, here are the step by step instructions:

Pear Crumble Recipe: Serves: 2 – 3 adults


1 x 410g can of tinned pears in natural fruit juice

100g plain flour

70g margarine

60g caster sugar

1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon

Vanilla ice cream or custard to serve, if desired.


Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees.

Open and drain all the juice from the pears.

Roughly chop the pears into approximately 2cm chunks, and add them to an ovenproof dish. (I use one which holds about 1.5 litres of water.) (There is no need to add any extra sugar on the fruit.)

For the crumble mix, use a separate bowl. Mix the flour and margarine together, using your fingertips, until you achieve a breadcrumb consistency.

Add the sugar and cinnamon to your crumble mix, and stir it through gently using a spoon.

Pear Crumble Recipe Mix

Pour the crumble mix over the top of your pears.

Bake in the oven for approximately 25 minutes.

Serve warm with ice cream or custard.

pear crumble recipe with ice cream

This pear crumble recipe is the perfect thing to warm you up on a cold winter’s day! Though, it would be just as tasty any day of the year. I have made this recipe a few times now, and if you are like me, you may stray from the recipe on occasion. Sometimes it works out to your benefit. Sometimes not. So here a few tips:

– Don’t substitute the margarine for butter. Of course you can make crumble using butter, but not at these quantities.

– Don’t be tempted to add more cinnamon. Apples are much tarter than pears and can balance a stronger quantity of cinnamon. Pears have a much softer, sweeter flavour, and too much cinnamon will quickly overpower this.

– You can absolutely make this in advance and freeze it. I usually defrost it the day before using.

– For larger quantities just double the recipe, but you may need to add an extra  5 – 10 minutes cooking time.

Pear Crumble Recipe with cinnamon

Lastly, I hope you enjoy this Pear Crumble Recipe. Do let me know if you try it, or what your favourite crumble fillings are!


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