how to make edible straw

How to make edible straw for Easter

If you are wondering how to make edible straw for your Easter baking activites then you have come to the right place. I was wondering that too! After searching high and low online and racking my brain cells here are a list of all the methods I can come up with for how to make edible straw or something to resemble a nest!

1. Use rice paper

You can buy edible rice paper from many large supermarkets or buy it online. It comes in a variety of colours, though white may the easiest to source. Simply shred the paper into fine strings and use it as the edible straw for your creations. I think this would give the best straw effect, but edible paper is a little bland on the tastebuds.

2. Use coconut to create a textured effect

how to make edible straw

Coconut Easter Nest

If you like Bounty Bars you will love these! Simply mix coconut together with condensed milk and shape into little nests. Grate a little chocolate over the top to provide a bit more texture. The chocolate will easily stick while the mix is still wet. Place them into bun cases and let them set in the freezer for a couple of hours. Once the nests have hardened, dip them into melted milk chocolate and place a little chocolate egg in the hollow. Put the little coconut nests back in the bun cases while you wait for the chocolate to set and the nest to defrost. I have to admit I’m quite impressed with myself for dreaming up this little invention, and they taste delicious!

3. Shreddies

Using Shreddies (or supermarkets own brand equivalent), is probably one of the most common methods. Shreddies are a shredded wheat breakfast cereal. If you crumble them down into fine pieces, and then coat with milk or white chocolate (depending on your preference), you can then make a rough basket shape which will hold together when the chocolate sets. A common way to achieve this is to put the mixture into bun cases then shape a hollow in the centre.

4. Fondant icing

This can be easily coloured and shaped as you desire, if you make your own. Or, buy it already made, roll it out and cut it into strips

5. Mint sticks (Matchmakers)

Edible straw for easter

Matchmaker Twig Nests

I love these. Simply break them into smaller pieces. Heat in the microwave for 5 second blasts, until the outer layer of chocolate is just starting to melt. then quickly place them in a basket shape. Don’t try that! It doesn’t work, I tried it after I had written this! To stick the Matchsticks together I melted a square of chocolate and used it as glue. This method worked beautifully! I don’t know if you can get white Matchmakers (I’m sure you can but I couldn’t find any). White would obviously be better if you specifically wanted a straw effect, or if you really wanted you could coat the milk chocolate ones with white chocolate. You could even add a little food dye to make them more yellow if you so desired.

6. Marzipan

If you like this almond delight, then you could easily shape it as you desire. Or make a nest shape and then score on some lines to create the straw effect.

7. Shortcrust pastry nests


This was a bit experimental and I’m not sure about the result, however, I thought I’d share it with you. I made a basic shortcrust pastry and cut out a base. Then I rolled some small pieces of pastry into a thin sausage shape and built up the outer layer of the nest. After cooking these for about 15 minutes, I filled them with soft caramel and placed a chocolate egg on top. I didn’t really like the result but my son asked for another after gobbling the first, so it may be a matter of personal taste!

I’m determined that by next Easter I will have come up with something that actually looks like straw and tastes good! What are your ideas for making edible straw for easter nests?


8.  I knew if I published this article I would come up with another idea, and I have! However it’s so good it deserves a post all of it’s own. I thought candied fruit peel would make good straw and I made this little beauty below. Just click here to find the recipe for this Chocolate Orange Ice Cream dessert for yourself.

Easter dessert nest

Chocolate Orange Ice Cream Nest


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