Valentine’s Heart Flapjacks Disaster

I don’t really ‘do’ Valentines Day since the arrival of my two boys. Prior to that my husband and I would have enjoyed weekends away to Amsterdam, London, or anywhere we could get a good deal. The reason for this mostly was because I find it so difficult to find appropriate Valentine’s gifts for my man.

This year, with a three year old and a six month old baby the treat is I did the shopping out of Sainsbury’s instead of Asda!

However, I am not completely immune to the romance of the day and I decided to make something for Mr C. I wanted to do something ‘manly’, that fitted in the theme of Valentine’s, when inspiration struck – I would make flapjacks – they’re manly – and I would make them heart shaped to mark the occasion.

And so I set to work with Lewis helping and Aaron supervising.


I’m not going to bother telling you the recipe because seriously, you don’t want to try this at home.

After mixing the ingredients we spread the mixture onto the baking tray and started impressing the heart shapes.


I gave the cutters a good wiggle to make sure the flapjacks took on the shape and then put them in the oven. After ten minutes I had a peek, and my worst suspicions were confirmed – the mixture was spreading back into one huge block. I quickly lifted them from the oven and cut out the shapes again – maybe by now they would hold a little better.

Another ten minutes and they were cooked. Still not heart shaped though, and worse than that, pretty well glued to the baking tray.


Try as I might I couldn’t rescue any heart shaped flapjacks. Never mind. It wasn’t a total disaster as the oaty mix I now had turned out to be rather tasty sprinkled on top of yoghurt.

It just goes to show, if some-one hasn’t already done it, there’s probably a good reason why. And if you found this page while searching for a recipe for heart shaped flapjacks, my advice to you is don’t waste your time.

It was back to the drawing board. I decided to just go with shortbread, at least I was confident I could make that the right shape! If you want to see how it turned out click here.

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19 thoughts on “Valentine’s Heart Flapjacks Disaster

  1. Philippa Tyrer

    Oh no! Next time I’d bake them in the tray and they cut them out as they are cooling. I’ve got a flapjack recipe on my blog which has taken me years to get right and even sometimes they still go wrong! They are very tricky!

    1. mydaysni

      I did try that with the mess I had left as well. I think the texture just didn’t take well to shapes, and I think possibly the recipe was wrong as they weren’t holding together. Next time I’ll pop over and try your recipe out!

  2. Helen Porter

    ahhh but we live and learn especially when it comes to cooking I am not the greatest myself they look like they still tasted good though xx

  3. notafrumpymum

    Oh dear, at least you tried. I’m making Banana Bread later my for my husband, I might cut a slice into a heart shape for him, what do you think?

    1. mydaysni

      Well, it is the taste that counts they say! I’m certainly no expert in the kitchen, and this was my first flapjack attempt, who knows maybe someday I’ll post a successful flapjack story. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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