Cadbury Mini Creme Egg Make-Over

Decorate Cadbury Mini Creme Egg

Give a Cadbury Mini Creme Egg a Make-Over? Why would anyone do such a thing? I know, I know – those little guys are pretty fab, just the way they are. However, if you can make something better by adding sprinkles then why not?

Actually, I had intended to simply add a little minor decoration to some mini eggs. I had some tubes of coloured icing… but I wasn’t that impressed with the results!

Easter Mini Creme Eggs

I really wanted to add some of the pastel colours that are so indicative of Spring and Easter. Of course, to give a Cadbury Mini Creme Egg a Make-Over by covering it sprinkles, one needs to be able to hold onto it. And that is how I came to place my mini eggs on a stick!

Mine Creme Eggs on a Cake Pop

Do you like my cake pop stand? Mr C drilled some holes into a bit of wood for me. Simple but effective! Rest assured I do plan to decorate my little wooden stand itself at some point!

Back to my Cadbury Mini Creme Egg Make-Over – like most of the things I attempt, this project actually was a little trickier than I anticipated. However, if you follow some basic principles, this would be a fabulous activity to involve the kids with. Or, I think the pearl ones would make great favours for an Easter wedding! Actually, I cannot think of an occasion when biting into a cake-pop look-a-like and finding a mini creme egg, would not be a good thing!

Decorated Cadbury Mini Creme Egg

Top Tips on giving A Cadbury Mini Creme Egg a Make-Over:

  • Use a skewer to pierce a small hole in the bottom of the mini creme egg, and then insert the cake pop stick,. Add a small dollop of melted chocolate where the egg and stick meet, and allow to harden. This will prevent your mini creme egg falling off the stick, and make it much easier for young children to partake in the decorating!
  • Before adding sprinkles you will need to add melted chocolate to your egg. The best way is to drizzle it over the egg with a spoon, as if you insert the mini creme egg into a bowl of warm chocolate, you might find your egg will melt.
  • Allow the melted chocolate that is coating the egg to become tacky before adding the sprinkles. This will ensure the sprinkles don’t all slide down the egg as the chocolate sets.
  • Have fun! Add colour to white chocolate, mix up your sprinkles, and let your imagination and the contents of your cupboard come up with your own unique Cadbury Mini Creme Egg Make Over!


Decorate cadbury creme eggs

I hope you have been inspired! If you do make your own I would love to see them, just tag me on Twitter or Instagram  using @mydaysni or feel free to leave me a comment below!



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