A Trip to Monaco Part 2

Monaco Yacht

Hello and welcome to the second part of my trip to Monaco. If you missed the first part you can catch up with it by clicking here.  Ready to continue? Let’s go!

During this time we stayed in the Novotel Monte Carlo. This hotel is set on a height and offers some gorgeous views of the harbour, and some of the best prices for accommodation in the area.

Novotel Monte Carlo executive room

At one stage during the trip we found a bottle of champagne chilling on ice in our room. We decided it must have been a birthday present for Mr C, and didn’t ask any questions! Thank You very much Novotel!

trip to Monaco

Novotel Monaco

Novotel breakfast

Breakfast at Novotel Monte Carlo

We spent so much of the first day walking all over the state, that on the second day we decided a slower pace was necessary. I heard a little rumour that if you have the nerve you can simply walk past the doorman at the Hôtel de Paris and rub the lucky horse knee in the foyer. This will supposedly bring you luck should you then decide to venture into the world famous casino beside it! So off we set!

Hotel de Paris Monaco

Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo

The Casino itself is the reason that Monaco was able to declare itself a tax free state. The whole area around the casino is just like a big playground for the rich. Business men, and ladies, showing off their Bentley’s and Aston Martin’s. There is nowhere else quite like the Café de Paris for sitting having a drink and people watching. You are not allowed to take pictures inside the casino itself, but the building really is impressive inside. It costs €10 for entry, but you can get past the doormen and have a good nosey at the foyer without paying this. You really only need to pay for entry if you want to try your luck at roulette or the slot machines. (And p.s. I didn’t find the lucky horse knee that lucky after all!)

Casino square Monaco

Casino Square Monte Carlo

Some other highlights from my trip to Monaco…

Cars Monaco

Flash cars everywhere….

Cocktails at the harbour...

Cocktails at the harbour…

Metropole Shopping Centre.

Metropole Shopping Centre.

trip to Monaco

Lunch overlooking the harbour in Monaco

The only boat that would let me on.....

The only boat that would let me on…..

And when the time had come, that we had leave Monaco, how better to do so than by helicopter transfer back to Nice Airport. Thanks Heli Air… that was fun!

Time to head back to Nice Airport...

Time to head back to Nice Airport…

I’m not sure if I’ll ever make it back to Monaco, but I’m sure not going to forget it in a hurry!



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