Thomas Land at Drayton Manor: My Days Away

Thomas Land at Drayton Manor

This summer is absolutely jam packed with plans for adventures and family trips, and already we have ticked off a box that has been on the list for quite a few years now. We have been on a trip to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor. And I have to tell you right now – the kids, and the grown ups, loved it!

Thomas Land Thomas

We wanted to go when both the boys would be able to enjoy it, and at 6 and nearly 3, I think Lewis and Aaron were the perfect ages for this day out.  Of course, Drayton Manor is a huge theme park which caters for older children as well. But for us, Thomas Land was the focus of our trip.

Thomas at Thomas Land

Thomas Land is mostly contained in one area with Knapford Station at the centre. And every so often the Fat Controller, aka Sir Topham Hatt, comes out and does a little song and dance for the visitors.

Thomas Land Knapford Station

Of course, Thomas is there chugging along, and transporting visitors to the other side of the park if they choose to go. And as a side note, Thomas’ driver stood out as one of the friendlest members of staff at the park. And why wouldn’t he be – it must be a pretty cool job! Lewis was certainly delighted when the driver approached and asked him if he would like to hold the keys to Thomas!!!

Thomas Land

Most of the rides were suitable for both boys, though Aaron needed to be accompained for height reasons. Mr C did a great job of this!

Thomas Rhenaus

Thomas Land Sodor Airport

Thomas Jeremy flying academy

Thomas Land Winston

At Knapford Station, there was also a stop for the rollercoaster. Lewis insisted on going on, and I couldn’t believe it when he came off and demanded another turn with me! I have to say, it was faster than it looked, and my screams may have been a little more sincere than I had planned!

Thomas Land Knapford Station

Thomas Land Roller Coaster

We had taken a picnic, but there were plenty of places to eat, and the prices seemed quite reasonable. After we had explored Thomas Land we had a bit of an wander around the rest of the park. There is also a small zoo, a Dino Trial, parks and other rides suitable for younger children, scattered throughout the park.

Drayton Manor dino trial

Drayton Manor Carousel

Drayton Manor Park

It over a week later and my kids are still talking about their day out at Thomas Land. We recommend it, and as a tip, book your tickets online in advance for the best rates!


  • Louisa says:

    It looks like great fun. Would you believe we only live half an hour away but we haven’t been for about 15 years! I must get into gear and sort out a day trip to Drayton Manor xx

  • creative pixie says:

    I had considered visiting Drayton Manor when we’re in the area this week but we’re not there for long as there’s other places I want to go to. I might consider it for the future.

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