A Day Trip to Inishowen Donegal

Inishowen Culdaff

Cove at Culdaff

During our recent stay in Benone, we decided to catch the ferry from Magilligan, on the North Coast of Northern Ireland,  to Greencastle in the South, to explore the Inishowen region of Donegal.

It’s not somewhere I had ever been, so I randomly picked Culdaff as our first stop, and what a beautiful place it was. Just 10 miles from the ferry we found  golden sandy beaches, a quiet cove, a play park for the kids and the Atlantic Ocean shimmering in every shade from tourquoise to cobalt blue! As part of the Wild Atlantic Way coastal route, this little gem is unmissable, and much better than my photo’s suggest!

Inishowen culdaff path

Inishowen Culdaff Park Inishowen Culdaff beach

Unfortunately those black clouds at Culdaff won out, so we headed across country, and purple heathered peat moorland, by-passing the town of Cardonagh, to reach Buncrana. Compared to the sleepy villages we had travelled through, Buncrana was bustling. And were it not for my boys, I would have definitely stopped off and had a browse through the shops of the main street. As it was, we stoped and had a play in the park instead.

Inishowen Buncrana Park

A bit further South we called into the Marina at Fahan. There we discovered a shallow inlet, and the boys searched for stones to skim across the water. Or, just rocks to splash in Aaron’s case!

Inishowen Buncrana Marina

Inishowen fahan 2 Inishowen fahan

On our trip to Inishowen I felt we had to visit their most popular monument, Grianan of Ailaech. A huge fort, originally constructed somewhere around 1700BC, this place is steeped in folklore and history. And if that doesn’t impress you the views certainly will!

Inishowen Grianan of Aileach Inishowen Grianan of Ailleach

Finally we called into Moville and had dinner at Rosato’s. A typical quaint Irish Bar serving good food and of course Mr C couldn’t resist a pint of the black stuff.

Rosato's Moville guiness

We all enjoyed our trip to Inishowen, and before we knew it, time had come to head back into Greencastle and catch the ferry back to Moville. Such an easy way to travel, and the journey only takes fifteen minutes.

Inishowen greencastle ferry

For more information check out the Inishowen Tourist Information.

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