That Woman in the Mirror!

I have been working on this poem, That Woman in the Mirror, for a few weeks now. Well, when I say working on it, I wrote it, shelved it, then re-wrote it a few weeks later! This is the first poem I have ever shared with anyone other than a few lucky ducks who will have heard some compulsory ramblings in my school years! The most challenging aspect of this post was taking a photo of a woman in a mirror. (Okay, it is a photo of a woman in a picture, in a mirror, but I assure you it was no easy task!) So here goes…



That Woman in the Mirror


I looked in the mirror, did a quick twirl,

And there stood a woman instead of a girl!

I watched as she stared with her crow’s feet eyes,

That squinted, then opened, wide with surprise!


On closer inspection I was quite shocked to see,

That this women bore a resemblance to me!

But yet, she was different, in more than one way.

Her skin was much duller, her hair was array!


The lines round her mouth dip down in a frown,

Her lips are too thin, not plump and round.

And wait! What’s that? I should try not to stare.

But that woman’s eyebrow is sprouting grey hair!


I can see that she’s trying, she’s wearing some blush,

But that silly woman, she’s put on too much!

I suspect if she went and got her hair styled,

She would not look so dishevelled and wild.


I suspect if she went and had some fun

She would not look so old and done.

I suspect if she went and had some rest

She could put more effort into looking her best.


Oh I do hope this woman will take the time,

To listen to this advice of mine.

I hope someday she is set free.

To perhaps become, a little more like me?


“Good luck”, I say, as I turn away ,

Scared that she may answer someday!

And just one final thought as I head for the door,

I shall not be using, that mirror any more!


I not sure I want a critique of my limited poetry skills, but I did enjoy the challenge of finding rhyming words!  However, I do think this woman is stalking me (and I’m not sure if she is dangerous) so please share and let me know in the comments if you have seen her!

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