Having Two Children

The Truth About Having Two Children.

Having Two Children

I can hardly believe my two boys are becoming so grown up, now they are one and four!  What a journey it has been! Busy, exciting, wonderful, and becoming increasingly, difficult. I love my two boys and wouldn’t change them for the world, however, I am starting to wonder if there is a certain truth about having two children that I was not aware of. A reality for which I was not prepared.

I have heard several parents, especially of toddlers, say how their second child is more  ‘difficult’ than their first. Initially with my second baby I would have wholeheartedly disagreed, but now, I have a different view. Here are my observations of the differences between my two children and my suspected reasons for those differences.


1st child: Cried when he wanted something.

2nd child: Wails like a banshee when he wants something, causing all living animals within earshot to recoil in horror.

Reason: The first child merely had to disturb what was an otherwise relatively quiet house. The second child has to overpower the first child, C Bebbies and break through my new found ability to block out the sound of crying.


1st child: Happily ate carrots, avacodos, brocolli and lettuce until about the age of three when he started to realise that chocolate and crisps are not ‘just for adults’.

2nd child: Quickly after the introduction of solid food they demand to eat the same foods as everyone else, and copy their older siblings repulsive reaction to all things nutritious.

Reason: As a second time parent I no longer have the time to bulk prepare suitable baby meals, and one day, to make life easier I fed my baby chips, fish fingers and chocolate the same as his brother. The baby remembers.


1st child: Cautiously explored his surroundings, looking to me for reassurance.

2nd child: Climbs stairs, ladders, bookcases and people to achieve new heights. Pushes, shoves and pulls obstacles out of his way.

Reason: As a responsible adult I taught my first child how to safely navigate stairs and obstacles. The first child now teaches the second through demonstration, helpful shoving in the intended direction, and encourages him by teasing. The phrase ”Na na Na na Naa” may be used.


1st child: Was in a really good routine and I had an established nap time until he was nearly three years old.

2nd child: He only naps in the car or when my first child is demanding attention, or I am busy trying to catch an escaped hamster or some such emergency.

Reason: I made the world revolve around my first child. I always put his needs first, and together we established a beautiful routine which I would have been loathed to break if the house caught fire. The second child was never given a chance. What with his sibling poking him and me trailing him to the shop because we ran out of milk, it is of little surprise that no routine was established.


1st child: When I said ‘no’, he stopped what he was doing to look at me, with a questioning expression, waiting to find out what was wrong.

2nd child: When I say ‘no’ he stops what he is doing to look at me, and then laughs mischievously before continuing what he was doing.

Reason: Well, he has already figured out that I am likely too busy chasing a hamster to actually try to stop him, so he doesn’t feel any really threat from my stern Mummy voice!


Does any of this sound familiar to you? Are you experiences the same or different?

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*Please note, no hamsters were harmed during the research of this post. In fact, I do not have a hamster. No I did not lose it! I have never had a hamster. The hamster is symbolic. The kids are real.

13 thoughts on “The Truth About Having Two Children.

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  2. Jess @ Catch A Single Thought

    I love this, so many of them are true! With my first child I spent ages, making home-made purees and with my second he went straight onto a mushed up version of whatever we were having, which was often fish fingers and chips! Great post. #sharewithme

  3. Jenny

    Mel this is so brilliant!!! I was nodding along and it is EXACTLY how it is with two. I have a one and three year old and I can relate and your reasonings are perfect too. Love this. Definitely a favorite swm post this week. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    1. mel c

      Ah.. Thanks Jenny! Yes, I recall reading on twitter, or somewhere, that your two were a little more challenging that usual lately! Ha ha .. they all have their moments! Thanks x

      1. Jenny

        Yes they have been easy and angels until baby turned 1 year old and toddler turned 3 year old this summer and we came back from America. Not sure if they are just trying toget me to take them back as usually such easy angels. Jetlag and colds don’t help either but those are excuses. Hahaha

  4. lifeatthelittlewood

    This really made me giggle Mel! So true too. And with the third all the rule books go completely out the window – it’s totally whatever goes then!! Xx

  5. creative pixie

    Ha ha! So true, especially being fussy with food. My 2 girls are at the stage now (6 & 3) were they can play together without me watching them – good times 🙂


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