Rumpelstiltskin, a Living Room Update, and Life as a Working Mum

Hello there. Can you believe it is December? Suddenly all the protests of , “It’s too early for Christmas”, turn into blind panic that there is in fact, not enough time now! I know that is how I feel. A few weeks ago I took on a seasonal job in a retail store, and that has definitely impacted on my ability to achieve anything else. I am enjoying it though. I have never worked in a retail environment before so it has taken me a moment to find my feet, but that is all part of the reason I took the job. That, and the fact that if ever there is a time a cash injection is welcome, it has to be around Christmas.

One of the other side effects of my return to work is that we are more committed to enjoying the time we have together as a family. Which is why we were delighted to be invited to the press night performance of Rumpelstiltskin at The MAC theatre in Belfast.


After some consideration I decided to take Lewis (5) and Aaron (2) to see the show. I was nervous that Aaron would not sit for 2 hours and we would have to leave early. However, although there were moments of uncertainty, we made it to the end, which is a testament to how entertaining the show was. Of course, the show is actually aimed at age 5 and above, so what did Lewis think? In his own words, Lewis said the show was, “Absolutely brilliant.” His favourite part was, “The girl falling down, and the beach ball,” and his least favourite part was, “They didn’t say my name.”

I have visited The MAC on a few occasions now, and I have to say this was one of my favourite performances. I thought Jo Donnelly, who played Rumpelstiltskin, was particularly believable as the ‘bad guy’, and overall it was a great night out for our family. Of course, I cannot fail to mention Lidl, who sponsored the event, for their very hospitable reception: Thank You Lidl NI, the kids thought they were in sweetie heaven!

Rumpelstiltskin runs until the 3rd January, so get your tickets booked!

I also wanted to give you guys a wee sneak preview of my living room makeover. I finally managed to get this room painted! Hurrah. (Really, we moved in about 18 months ago, so this has been a long time coming!) I still need to hang my curtains and figure out exactly what I am going to do in here. So far the fireplace is winning the race to completion, and there is nothing quite like a poinsettia to  add some festive cheer!Christmas fireplacemantlepiece decor

And that pretty much summarises what I have been up to lately. I can’t believe I have yet to put up a tree, but that job is firmly marked on the calendar for this weekend. Have you got yours up yet?



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