My first love…


They say you never forget your first love and so far I haven’t, and I hope I never will. I’m not sure exactly what age I was when I first fell in love, probably about ten. It wasn’t love at first sight, it was a slow burning relationship that grew into an obsession.

I would live for the weekends, I saved my pocket money and then on a Saturday I would go into town, excited to see what awaited me. What new places I would visit, what new drama’s would unfold, and what new emotions would be stirred.

My first love took me on a new adventure every week. Sometimes we would explore foreign lands. Sometimes we would play with fairies and gremlins at the bottom of the garden. Some adventures made me happy, and some made me sad, but I was always ready and waiting for the next one. There was laughter, tears and many a sleepless night.

I have fallen in love again since then. With my husband, my children and chocolate of course, but my first love will always be books. Books that whisked me away from my reality. Books that were always there when I needed them.

In recent years my husband wanted to buy me a kindle. I resisted for a long time until finally getting one last year. I was reluctant to give up the tactile relationship I had with books. I was worried that reading a screen would dull my enjoyment, but it didn’t. In fact, since I now had access to many free books, I decided to take the opportunity to read books that I felt I ought to, yet couldn’t bring myself to part with the money for previously. Books written by Shakespeare and Jane Austin, instead of the chick lit I have come to favour.

I did read some of the classics and I enjoyed them, though not as much as the easy reading authors I currently favour, such as Jodi Picoult. I guess books are to me what soaps are to other people. I don’t necessarily want them to be informative and educational. I just wanted to be so engrossed in someone else’s story, that for a little while, I have a break from my own.

And so, although I have dampened down my love affair with books over the years – I try to go to sleep at a reasonable time, and limit my intake to one book per week – I hope I will never forget to revisit my first love. I hope books stay with me till the end of my days.


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