Love the Little Things #8

Have you seen some snow flurries this week? I have – I just hope the snow holds out for two more weeks. I would love a white Christmas, I’m not sure if I can remember ever having one before. It would be amazing, providing it all disappeared again the next day of course! Time will tell, I guess. Time will tell. In the meantime here are all this weeks little loves:


All this frosty air and central heating can take its toll on me, and I definitely can feel my lips starting to suffer. So, I have been using this Nivea lip balm. I like it! It’s not flavoured, it’s not heavy, or greasy or gritty. It just does the job I want it to!

Nivea Hydro Care


I sat and watched a Christmas film last weekend. It wasn’t great – I think it was perhaps Channel 5’s afternoon movie, but I was determined. The children cried and pulled at my legs. Mr C disappeared on important DIY tasks. But, I had resolved to sit and watch a Christmas film, from start to finish, and I did! Next time I think I may wait until the children are in bed though! So I can get the full benefit and maybe even remember the name!


I have been reading a Danielle Steel book this week. I have to admit, I am not her biggest fan, but I am enjoying this one. It’s about a woman who is forced to think back over how she lead her life – a strong, independent woman, who did things her way!

Danielle Steel Honour Thyself


I have been listening, and helping Lewis rehearse for his nativity. It is really hard to sing songs from a piece of paper when I am not even sure what the tune is! They are not traditional songs, but re-writes for younger children. It all has me a little confused to be honest! Definitely starting to feel my age these days!


I am sooo behind with my Christmas tasks, it is beyond ridiculous! Today I decided to take action, so like many Mothers do, I made a list. Not a normal list though. No… I made a list of the lists I need to make! Presents, food, cards etc. Mr C complains that in his work they have meetings about meetings. Well, this just goes to prove that my job as homemaker is just as demanding as any in the corporate world. I make lists about lists! (I may need some help!)

List of lists

We also made our home a bit more Christmassy! Just as the Star was about to go on the tree I decided we should try to get a family photo, as we have so few! I think it turned out okay, as far as photo’s go, but Mr C said it was really hard to hold a wriggling 4 year old in the air while waiting for the camera timer to count down! It was worth it, and I love that we now have this to look back on.

Christmas time

The First Christmas Tree Star in our New Home.

And that has been our little week!

I hope you are more organised than I am!



14 thoughts on “Love the Little Things #8

  1. Alice W

    What a gorgeous tree! I’m also a lover of lists…need to get mine started for our second batch of Christmas presents. Hope you manage to plough your way through them 🙂 xx

  2. Not A Frumpy Mum

    I love that last photo, such a lovely one to look back on. I’m slowly getting semi-organized but still lots to do. Remember when Christmas used to be a relaxing break? No, me neither! xx

  3. Glasgow Mummy

    I’m so behind on everything too. I had the cold which floored me for a week and as such I’ve not caught up. This weekend I will be spending it cleaning and then I need to make a start on wrapping gifts and writing the few Christmas cards that I am going to send. Hope you’re having a good weekend x

  4. lifewithmunchers

    Aw lovely tree! I love a bit of Danielle Steele. Although I confess I usually watched the films!

    This weather is awful on our skin. I’m never too far away from a lip balm. I’m a bit of a lip nibbler aswell, which doesn’t help. #littleloves.

  5. lifeatthelittlewood

    Gorgeous! I make lists of lists too Mel – it’s a very important part of keeping on top of things for me! I adore your photo of putting the star on the tree – such a lovely little memory to look back on in years to come. Have a fab weekend – stay cosy! Xx

  6. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy

    Ahh what a gorgeous little week it was too. I love that you all put your tree up together. I am a bit of a control freak so it’s down while the kids sleep. Then I love watching their eyes light up when they see it lit in the morning. lol Oh Danielle Steele books are great. Great round of #littleloves


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