Love the Little Things #6

I don’t know about you, but every morning this week I have woken to a frost kissed view! It looks all lovely and crisp and clean, as if the weather has also decided to embrace the festive Season! And then I go outside, try not to fall down the front door steps and have to start scrapping ice off the car windscreen. The can of de-icer is so cold to the touch, it actually does the opposite of what it says on the tin – causing my fingers to become fearful of gangrene onset they are so cold!

It has been a good week though, and here are all the things I have been loving:


I was having a little rummage through my coats, looking for one that would be extra snuggly for these cold mornings. I also came across a box of scarfs, but for the life of me I cannot find my gloves! Half my worldly belongings are still in boxes, but my gloves need to turn up soon – anyone got any ideas?


I cooked a half decent meal! Admittedly it was from a Dolmio lasagne kit, but it was really tasty!

Dolmio lasagne


I read an job advertisement for a position that would be perfect for me. I am considering applying, but I then I think about, Doctor’s appointments, and childcare costs, and time with the family. I never saw myself as a ‘Stay at Home Mum’. I would like a job. To earn my own way. To have a different sort of challenge than running my household. I would like to have it all! Unfortunately that is not one of the options. It’s a tough decision, one I am not sure I am ready to make right now…


The trailer for the new Minions film. Lewis is crazy about them little guys.. it is a little bit lost on me. Not sure this is likely to change my mind, though I do love Lewis’ impersonations!


And Lastly:

Okay, here it is – my new kitchen! Of course it’s not actually finished! This is more like it’s naked form! Here is what I started with – a rather desolate kitchen with separate dining room.

Kitchen renovation

I knew what I wanted – I have been planning my ideal kitchen for about 4 years, since deciding to move back to Northern Ireland. Of course, my absolute dream contained a separate room for kitchen appliances, and a floor space large enough to hold a football match. So, I had to scale down my expectations, but I am pretty pleased with the results so far!

New fitted kitchen

Kitchen larder with built in appliances

I have managed to keep most of my electrical items hidden, and I have a small larder unit which I have wired for my microwave. I dream of clutter free surfaces, though I’m not sure my family share my vision! (No pocket contents on the surfaces Mr C! I hope you’re listening!)

Now I just need the finishing touches. Skirting, blinds, light fittings, splash back, bar stools, etc etc… yeah there is quite a list! However, I can make Christmas dinner, and that is good enough for right now!

I hope you have all had a lovely little week!




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