Love the Little Things #2

I really enjoyed writing my little weekly round up last week so I’m back again to share my Little Loves from this week. They are…

Watched: An incredible amount of Cbeebies! The builders have been in and my kitchen and dining room are now one! It has meant we have been trapped in the living room though, and I have been trying to pacify the kids with some t.v. It has had quite an effect on me, I actually caught myself singing ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ on the way to the bathroom! Not good!

Reading: I read a beautiful poem by Lucie who has a blog called Our World and Autism. The poem is called That Boy in the Playground, and it is such a sincere heartfelt piece of writing, you can really feel the frustrations she and her son face. You can go and read it for yourself here!

Heard: I was recently introduced to Sugarland, and you know, I do like a wee bit of the country style music. This week I found this song and I really like the lyrics – sometimes we all need reminding to live in the moment!

Wore: Stop the press! I have a new accessory for my jeans and jumpers! Yip – some new trainers! I know, I know, not exactly high fashion, but with two young boys and two young pups, I am always on my feet. As my Granny once said – you would think I would be thin! Thanks Granny! They are neon pink, so I’m going to call them a statement piece! Plus, they were reduced from £80 to £20 so they were a bargain! Or, no-one else wanted them? Hmmm… I shall not dwell on that thought!

Love karrimor Trainers

Made:  I really felt I ought to make an effort with this category this week, so at the eleventh hour I hastily made a fire! The first one in our new house! Woo hoo! I didn’t even have any coal, but the good thing about country living is the ability to scavenge for wood! Bliss – if only I had of had some wine to go with it!


And Lastly: My last Little Love of this week has to be a little more time for me. Lewis will be staying in school until 2pm instead of the usual 12 noon. This gives me a much bigger window to go shopping, which I have got to start doing! Not for trainers…. don’t worry… but for… you know…December!! Wink wink nudge nudge! Aaron is only one so I think I can still get away with taking him with me. Next year could be more challenging! However, no need to worry about that just yet!

What have you been loving this week?




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