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Hey y’all! I’m excited to be linking up to Morgana’s Little Loves again this year, even though I think I’m definitely more than a little creative with my responses to the set headings!

I so enjoyed the Christmas break, you can read about that here, but I wouldn’t like it to last forever, and I’m glad to be returning to some sense of normality – whatever that may be! Actually, I’m pretty excited about this year as I have lots of plans, including things which have become far from ‘normal’ for me. Find out more in this week’s Little Loves:



This week I received some interesting post – an invitation to a wedding party. On Valentines day nonetheless! Now… Mr C and I haven’t been out since Aaron came along, and probably for a considerable period before that. But, providing we can get a babysitter, we are planning to go! I might even have a proper ‘wore’ picture for you after that. No promises, but maybe!



I have watched so much t.v. lately, including a documentary about Necker Island a.k.a. Richard Branson’s Island. At 20-30k for a 7 night stay, the television screen is the closest I am ever likely to get to that part of the world! We also watched Flight starring Denzel Washington. The ratings were really good, and I enjoyed the story, though it did drag on a little bit – or perhaps I just felt that way as it ran past my bedtime – old age is a terrible thing!


I was having a bit of a clear out of my book collection when I came across a book I had bought a few years ago called Learn to Play the Keyboard. So I thought I should start making some use of my piano, and try to learn a tune or two. So mostly I have been listening to myself repeating the same thing over and over on the piano (which seriously needs a tune – up!) I think I can just about manage Oh When The Saints, but I don’t think your ears are ready for it yet!



I ‘wore’ some skinny jeans and boots for about 30 seconds in the changing rooms in Asda. I didn’t buy them, but I am planning to go shopping and find some that suit/fit me. Believe it or not, I don’t own a single pair of skinny jeans! I am totally  a bootcut girl, but I have decided that I really need to try to move with the times! I know, I’m a few years late, but, better late than never eh! And some lovely handcream I received as a gift. There is also a lovely orange blossom scent in the di palomo range, which I love in the summer months. If you see this range, you should definitely try it.

hand cream


I am super excited about this one… drum roll please… I made a reservation for a flight to Newcastle – all by myself!!! Yip I am going to visit a very dear friend, who has asked me to be her bridesmaid later in the year! Obviously this may require few visits over the course year, and I’m not sure how Mr C is going to cope. But do you know what – I refuse to feel guilty (I actually do feel guilty but logically I totally don’t think I should). I have barely had a pee by myself in the past four years, and those who have know me a long time will know I used to be a very independent girl! If Mr C copes fine while I spend the whole time fretting about whether everyone will survive ,I will not be very pleased with myself – but I don’t think that is going to happen!

Have you got any exciting plans for 2015?




  • I echo what every one else has said, definitely do not feel guilty! You will have a fab time and he will definitely survive 😉
    Have a great week! xx

  • Alice W says:

    I love a good hand cream too…I always try and make the nice ones last for ages! Also watched that Necker Island documentary, it was totally insane, and kind of amazing at the same time. Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

  • I love weddings! It sounds like you have a couple of good ‘uns ahead 🙂 Also, I have never been a skinny jeans girl – always bootcut for me. Great post. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  • ravacholle says:

    Yes! Don’t feel guilty!! When you’ll find the perfect skinny jeans, you’ll see they make look and feel awesome! Have a fab weekend 😉

  • Oh i wish i had the confidence to wear skinny jeans or any jeans for that matter, i seem to live in leggings these days. Sounds like you have alot to look forward to tin 2015 with a wedding party on Valentine’s Day and a trip to Scotland later in the year. Good luck with the piano, i had lessons when i was a teenager and still play a little now but not as well as i used to! It’s so fun and relaxing though xxx #LittleLoves

  • zofloya11 says:

    I love bootcut jeans, and I don’t skinny jeans, but I caved just before Christmas and bought some because I couldn’t find any other style jeans!
    Oh nice a wedding, I hope you have a lovely time =D

  • I love skinny jeans…’s all I wear!! Once you buy one pair, I guarantee you’ll never wear boot cut again! Hope you have a lovely time in Newcastle with your friend and don’t be worrying about how the mister will cope- he will, he has to, you do!!! Have a fab weekend xxx

  • Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    I’m a complete hand cream addict. There is a tube in every bag/drawer/room that I go in. Nothing nicer than a lovely hand cream.

    Exciting plans about going to Newcastle, have fun! xx

  • lifewithmunchers says:

    After the ladies bigging up Boden jeans, let me big up Next jeans…They are the only place I can get the right length Xlong! I hope you enjoy Newcastle and remember, via modern technology everyone is kinda with you…in your pocket 🙂 Have a nice weekend 🙂

  • Mummy Hearts You says:

    I watched the Richard Branson’s documentary and I was blown away at the cost! Shocking.. {I wouldn’t say no though ;)}

  • Louisa says:

    A Valentines day wedding sounds gorgeous. I hope get to go.
    I wish I could play the piano. I am totally ungifted in that department. I am still in search for the illusive perfect pair of jeans. I wish they made inbetween sizes! #littleloves

  • I definitely weaned myself onto skinny jeans and that’s all I wear now. Emma is right above, Boden have some amazing ones. Love that you play the piano. I am dying to learn to one day! It’s on my to do list for sure. I think it sounds just beautiful and to get lost in music is heavenly. Look forward to another great year of #littleloves

  • lifeatthelittlewood says:

    Don’t you feel one bit guilty! It does the daddies good to have time alone with the kids. He’ll have a new found respect for you when you come back! 🙂 It took me ages to break into skinny jeans too, and now I feel awkward in anything else. I weaned myself onto them with Boden straight leg ones first – maybe try those? Have a brill weekend pet xx

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