How to Declutter on a Grand Scale


Moving house four times in as many years was a good eye opener as to just how much stuff Mr C and I had accumulated over the years! I was beginning to wonder if I was a hoarder! What we really needed to know was how to declutter on a grand scale! Only we insisted on moving our stuff from country to country and only skimming a little off the top with each subsequent house. Usually to make room for more stuff, or to replace the stuff we couldn’t find that was still packed in boxes!

It should have been done when we first decided to move. The problem was, when faced with so many different items, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them all! Over the years I have time to think about this, and I have tried and tested several of these methods for getting rid of unused and unnecessary items! Here are my top ideas:

How to Declutter on a Grand Scale:

Facebook local selling groups – these groups have become the go-to place for anyone selling small value or bulky items. Make a facebook account here, if you don’t already have one.

Ebay – this site works best for items which have a reasonable value and can be posted. I prefer this site for attracting buyers who are not local, and for high demand items such as electronics.

Gumtree – I have found this site to be really good for bulky items which have a reasonable value. Use this site to find local buyers, who are prepared to travel a little way to get what they want!

Have a yard sale –¬†This a very American concept, but I think it could work really well if you have a garage. Put all your for sale items in your garage ready for viewers. Print off some flyers telling people about your sale and distribute them around your local community. I think people would come!

Have a Bootsale – If you don’t mind getting up at the crack of dawn, gather up all your low value items and sell them at a boot sale! People will buy just about anything for 10p!

Give it all to Charity – If you don’t want the stuff, and you don’t actually need the money from the sale, perhaps you should donate it to a worthy cause!


So there you have all my tips on how to declutter on a grand scale. I think a combination of all these methods would soon have most households living a much more streamlined existence! Do you have any other tried and tested methods to declutter?

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