Am I a Hoarder?

I have been in my new home for about 2 weeks now and I genuinely believed at this stage I would be showing you a little tour. I thought I would have a couple of rooms decorated and my kitchen renovation would be underway. Now, these goals have been set for Christmas!

As with all good renovations I have encountered a few little snags, which have required a bit of a rethink. I have also come close to accepting the possibility that I am a hoarder. I do not know why I have accumulated so many boxes of ‘stuff’ over the years, and the arrival of two little boys has only increased this stash!

I am determined to change these hoarding habits of mine! Yet, I also hope to keep things of sentimental value.

I am not yet sure how I am going to achieve this! For example, I have an empty champagne bottle from the night Mr C proposed. It has been sitting on my windowsill as a vase for 7 years, but to be honest, I am sick of looking at it. However, having kept it thus far, I really am reluctant to throw it out.

It has also moved house with us, five times in that period. You think it might have broken by now, but it is clearly made of sturdy stuff! A bit like our marriage perhaps? You see – it is symbolic! How am I supposed to throw this out? If only it were just the champagne bottle, but this is just one example of the items I possess.

So I have been forced to ask myself the question:

Am I a Hoarder?  …and here is the evidence:

I own items that I have had since birth.

I have clothes that haven’t fit me in the last 10 years, and let me be honest – will never fit me again!

I have difficulty throwing out items of sentimental value, or those which trigger a memory.

I like to keep household items, such as curtains, just in case!

I own more than one of many items, especially kitchen utensils. Eg an extra tin opener – just in case!

I have shoes I cannot walk in, and thus, will never wear.

I buy items because they are a bargain, as opposed to buying them because I actually need them.

I struggle to throw things out if they are still ‘good’, even if they are not useful to me.

I often have buy items, because I cannot find the one I know I already own.

Okay! I’m going to stop this list now as it is looking highly likely that I have ‘hoarding tendencies’! However, I plan to change! Believe it or not, I do not like clutter, and now that I have a new home I think it is time for a major clear out! This is my plan:

Throw out / donate all clothing which does not fit – with the exception of my wedding dress.

Thin down my collection of kitchen utensils. No-one can use two tin openers at one time!

Create a memory box for items I cannot bear to part with.

Sell / donate a large proportion of my books, in particular my chic-lit books which I do not tend to re-read.

Stop treating the attic as a place to store stuff. Attics are for Christmas decorations and suitcases!

Make a list before shopping and stick to it! – Why come home with a new handbag if what I needed was new shoes! Remember the saying – it is only a bargain if you were going to buy it anyway!

Organize the household collection of tools. Screws, nails, screwdrivers and spanners are less useful if the one you need is not in it’s place.

And finally, to make sure all items in my home have a place where they belong… and no, the kitchen surface doesn’t count!

Hoarding Tendencies

Of course, I don’t believe I am a hoarder in the same terms as those whose obsession has become so overwhelming it has taken over their lives. It must be truly awful to suffer the anxiety a true hoarder experiences when faced with the prospect of de-cluttering. I am going to say I have tendencies, which I fight, and I am planning to fight, though no clear victor has yet emerged!

I suspect the closest I may get is by doing a ‘Monica’ – a de-cluttered life and a secret cupboard overflowing with ‘things’!

Where do you fit on the hoarder/mimimalist scale?

Have you got any alternative ideas for sentimental items which don’t really ‘fit’ in your home?

All tips gratefully received!


  • bakedpotatomummy says:

    I definitely have ‘tendancies’! I have the champagne corks from my 18th, 21st and 30th birthday, plus from the night D proposed. I have left over favours from our wedding. I have clothes I’ll never fit into again. I hate throwing things out. D moving to Dubai has just meant I can spread into the cupboards and drawers he had before he left too. He gets really grumpy when he comes home to visit and finds his sock draw full of balls of wool!!!

  • I always wanted toread this when I saw this on twitter. When we arrived here in the UK about 4 years ago we lived with my mother in law and she is a hoarder. The house is full of newspapers and magazines and I dont know what else is burried in there. We only have a path to walk through and everything is just mountains of trash. I so fer for my life as when theres fire there is no clear path and the house will just go in flames cuz of the papers. I need to sort things when I want to bathe cuz theres so much stuff inside the bath tub. I cant write about this as of course she is my mother in law but I think that the milestones that my son needs to undergo werent met on time for the lack of space. If I can leave my husband then and have a divorced I will. It is just plain hell for me and the effect of the few months of living there is still hunting our relationship. She is a nice person my MIL but its just too much for me. Believe me you are not a hoarder. Not even close. #binkylinky

  • Lorna Mai (@TheColourQueen) says:

    I guess I’m a natural hoarder although I;ve gotten better over the past year or so as I’ve gradually decluttering my home. My mum was the same which makes me wonder if it is some kind of learnt behaviour you pick up in childhood. Hope you succeed in your declutter quest!

  • Eek! It’s like reading about myself! I hate throwing things away and try to find a use for things or a place for them to go. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  • Jenny says:

    hahaha Mel I couldn’t help but laugh as I can so relate to this and I finally have got to the point where I am so better at it now and been going through everything in our house to get rid of what I don’t need, don’t use and if I say someday it goes to charity because someday never comes. I used to save every little thing I could. I had clothes from junior high even. That’s crazy. Glad I am not the only one. Happy renovating and sorting through your things. Just think do you really use it and need it? lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  • Mr C says:

    Yep definitely both hoarders, need a big clear out !!

    And not just my stuff lol !!

    I hope thing you are sick of looking at, but reluctant to kick out is the bottle, and not Mr C ??

    I’ll give clearing out my stuff a go as well, a there are boxes of my stuff which have been in boxes since we moved in together.

    And just so you know, my Golf Clubs, Bike and Gadgets do not count as junk and are staying, plan to start using them again, although with god lists you have of things to do I don’t know when lol x x x

  • Louisa says:

    I am not a hoarder but my husband has a garage full of ‘stuff that may come in useful’. I like to keep stuff down to a minimum but I do keep memory boxes for the kids. I keep a big folder of keepsakes for each person for each year, other than that I am pretty clutter free #sharewithme

  • Giggled when I read the bit about your targets being moved to Christmas. I’m not really a hoarder here, shame about every other member of the family though! Since my daughters left for uni last year I’ve had a major sort out & still I keep on finding more! It’s an ongoing process & I will get there eventually. Good luck x

    • mydaysni says:

      I can imagine! My mum has actually recently given me back any stuff I had left at her house! I guess if I managed this long without it, I really should throw it out!

  • creative pixie says:

    I’m really bad at hoarding things at home however I’m the opposite at work – I’ve a reputation for being quite ruthless when clearing out at work.

  • There’s nothing like moving house to realise how much stuff you really have, it definitely is a good opportunity to evaluate how much of it you really need as well!!! I end up with the problem of walking down memory lane looking at things and fall in love with something all over again haha! I totally get why you kept the champagne bottle….maybe you could paint it or something so it’s still in the house as a vase but a little less obvious?

    • mydaysni says:

      That is exactly it! I guess it is almost a fear that throwing out the item, will eradicate the memory! Good idea about the vase- or a good excuse to keep it? lol I like your way of thinking! x

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