Haircuts and Holidays #Littleloves

Hello! Friday again, can you believe it? They say as you get older time goes by more quickly. Well that certainly feels true of my weeks recently! If my months and years start going the same way I’m never going to get anything done! I had to think long and hard about my Little Loves this week, but here they are:


Wild, by Cheryl Strayed. Apparently this also has been made into a film. It is a story about a young woman who decides to trek across much of America after several losses in her life. I’m not entirely sure why this book intrigued me. I’m not generally into the whole ‘finding yourself’ thing, and it is certainly not a high action book. I think it’sย down my secret crush on America. It used to be New York, but after reading this I may have googled ‘American campsites’ as a way to go that the kids would like and without needing a remortgage. I like to dream!

Wild by Cheryl Strayed


Not a great deal of interest, other than Aaron’s increasing vocabulary. The ‘longest’ thing he says is “Here you go”, though I doubt anyone elseย  could make him out. It’s cute though for 19 months.


A reservation for a wee holiday in a few weeks time. It’s just a local holiday to the seaside, but it will be nice to get away, and hopefully when we return the builders will be ready to start the extension! Once we start that I doubt we will be going anywhere else this year!


My favourite section!ย (I jest!) ย I ‘wore’ my new fringe. Well, it’s not exactly new, but it was almost to my chin so this is an improvement.


And Lastly:

I have been packing my overnight bag! Yes, I am headed off to Newcastle (the one in England) all by myself, and leaving the boys to it! I do hope they survive! I do hope I survive – there may be wine taken!

Overnight weekend bag

Have a lovely week people!



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