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Hello there! My this has been a short week! I think the fact that I was away visiting friends last weekend has thrown me out of sync! It was lovely to catch up with a very very dear friend of mine. She doesn’t read my blog though, this dear friend of mine. Her words were, ‘Don’t you just write about Daz or something and then get a year’s free supply of washing powder?’  No – to be honest my blog isn’t really like that! However, Daz, if you’re reading – I would be totally up for that! With two young kids that’s gotta be worth about a million pounds! Otherwise, here’s this week’s Little Loves:


I have finished reading Lee Child’s, Personal. Part of the Jack Reacher series, it pretty much follows a similar pattern to all the others, most of which I have also read. This one was a little different in that a large proportion of it was set in England. It was interesting to read the provisions the author had put in place to explain landmarks etc to a largely American readership. And I definitely didn’t suspect the ending at all!

Novel, Jack Reacher, Personal


Every week, I hear a new song on the radio, and think, I really like that! I’ll use that for this week’s Little Loves. By the time I sit down to write the memory is completely gone! However since Aaron is really starting to pick up with his words and language now, I’ll give you another one of his delights! He had asked for something, and I had responded, ‘Just wait a wee minute.’ I suspect I may use that phrase a little too often as he repeated to me, ‘Minute, minute, minute.’ Not exactly what you want your toddlers 10th word to be, but I was impressed by the early use of attitude!


I am quite amused by the fact that over the last two weeks we have been steadily losing T.V. channels. We suspect an aerial problem! I think we are down to BBC1, BBC2 and CBBC. Mr C’s not quite so impressed! However, this resulted in us watching a programme about the Big Bang and creation of the Universe. I actually find these kinds of programme interesting, and very humbling when reminded of our own insignificance in the scheme of things. Anyway, the gist of the programme was the scientists still aren’t sure what happened.


Oh, I have been crafty in the kitchen this week, and I have been preparing some Easter treats. Here’s a sneak preview, and I will write up a blog post soon!

Easter Eggs


I have no pictures, but I have been wearing dresses! Lots and lots of dresses! In a quest to find one which is suitable for me to wear as a Bridesmaid to my dear, aforementioned, friend’s wedding! Bless her, she didn’t pick her Bridesmaid’s on their ability to look good in anything, but we found one that is just perfect! I’m excited…

And Lastly:

It’s been feeling a little like the house that Spring forgot here. Everyone else has been posting about sunshine and daffodils, while I’ve had rain and little green shoots! And then I saw my rhubarb! This poor rhubarb plant came to me last year in pretty bad shape, but I managed to nurture it into a wonderful plant, and even harvested some fruit into the freezer – I thought it would be nice at Christmas. Then the freezer broke, and I had to throw it out. Then the stone wall collapsed on top of the plant, pretty much demolishing it. I placed some rocks around the stubs that remained, to protect it from the frost, and what d’ya know – it’s only come back from the doomed! Rhubarb crumble – this year you will be mine!

First shoots of rhubarb


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  • lifeatthelittlewood says:

    That is going to be the tastiest rhubarb crumble ever – it is meant to be! 🙂 Exciting about your bridesmaid dresses too Mel – I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous! Hope you had a lovely weekend away last week – you are right, the weeks just seem to be flying in! Xx

  • I’m completely impressed with your Easter treats. Feeling ashamed with my Betty Crocker brownies lol #littleloves

  • Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    We usually have some rhubarb growing in the garden when Springs starts and rhubarb crumble is one of my husbands favourites. Your cake pops look yummy and exciting news about bridesmaid dress shopping. Hope you had fun xxx

  • Alice W says:

    Ooh rhubarb crumble, perfect. Glad you found a dress, and that you had a good weekend with your friend 🙂 have a lovely weekend xx

  • Mummy Hearts You says:

    Those Easter treats look amazing!! Im thing cream eggs?! Will have to check in when you write up the post about them! Popping over from #littlelove Have a lovely weekend xx

  • Those cake pops look delicious! x

  • Loving the Easter treats, they look so yummy! Have a lovely weekend xx

  • Oh wow those treats look amazing I look forward to your blog post on those. Delicious and perfect for Easter. I used to love rhubarb pie! Hoping you enjoy some recipes out of those. Lovely #littleloves

  • Ooh I love your little Easter treats – are they cake or marshmallow pops? I might try my hand at that with marshmallows – it’s one of those things that look very impressive without actually being that difficult! I’ve never read anything by Lee Child but I like it when books use real life landmarks and give them added interest – probably one of the best things about the Da Vinci Code – I was completely fascinated by the architectural secrets he uncovered (or possibly made up??). As for the music? Yes, I’m always hearing stuff on the radio I like but I have to remember to type a lyric into Google so I can figure what it is and who it’s by! Have a great weekend Mel Xx #littleloves

    • mydaysni says:

      Ah yes, The Da Vinci Code was brilliant as I was never quite sure where reality ended and fiction began. I would love to read it while touring the landmarks – one can dream!

  • Your rhubarb must be invincible! I wish my friends would get married so I could be a bridesmaid, it sounds like so much fun 🙂 Your Easter treats look yummy but how can it be Easter already? It was only Christmas 5 minutes ago! Have a lovely week xx

  • creative pixie says:

    Your Easter treats look fab. I really must try a #LittleLoves post on my blog as it’s a good round up of the week. Have a good weekend. Jean

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