Does blogging about your life stop you from living?

I published my first blog post nearly two weeks ago, and I have to admit, I’ve become a little obsessed with the whole blogging thing since then. I admit, like most people starting out, I thought I would put up some posts and the viewers would come flocking to read whatever I had written. Apparently, it doesn’t quite work like that!

By chance one of the bloggers I was following started up a group to help new bloggers. Twinmumanddad has been a great source of information and advice on all things bloggy. What I did learn pretty fast was that I had to put myself ‘out there’ more and get networking. And so I spent most of last week setting up twitter, facebook pages, bloglovin, google+ and there are many more I just haven’t got around to yet. I was glued to my phone, tablet or computer at every opportunity. I decided that this was really going a bit too far and so I had the weekend (mostly) off.

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Then disaster struck. When I checked my stats, (apparently you should not make a habit of this!), on Sunday I had only 2 views. Two days off had resulted in a total collapse of my viewers. What should I do? Get straight back on and start posting?

Will it always be like this? In order to have a viewing public will I have to give up my life to social media so that other people will read about it? I hope not. I think maybe I am trying to run before I can crawl!

I have several posts in draft which I hope to post soon, and if anything, blogging is encouraging me to make my life more interesting so that other people will want to read about it. How am I going to make my life more interesting you might ask. Well, since I’ve started writing blogs, I’ve started reading them too. There is a wealth of ideas, events and inspiration which will ensure that I am never stuck for something to do with my children.

So will blogging stop me from living? If living is doing housework then yes. Blogging is definitely going to take precedence. Anything takes precedence over that! Will blogging get in the way of me doing things with my family? No. I pledge to keep taking weekends (mostly) off. I may post things I already have in draft form, and check in to my networks when the kids are sleeping, but I will not spend time with my head buried in a computer when I should be living. If that ever changes, I guess I’ll have to stop blogging, though I’ll always be a blog follower from now on.


  • This is a great precedence to set Mel – is it still the case?! Such a hard balance to strike. Just recently, I’ve decided to stop checking stats altogether as they force me to get bogged down and get my priorities all wrong. Hope things are still going well for you 🙂

    • mydaysni says:

      Thanks Suzanne, it was all so overwhelming at the start, and still can be! I am sticking to my guns though. Life comes first, and blogging is a hobby I enjoy!

  • grumpinator says:

    Hey Mel, I felt the same when I started my blog 3 years ago. Over those 3 years my blog has had ups and downs but I guess you need to ask yourself why you are doing it. If you want to run it like a business, make money and fame from it then it is hard work and takes up lots of time mostly from all the networking you need to do with other bloggers to maintain stats.

    But if it was for some other reason like a hobby or for the pleasure of writing then it needn’t eat into your life. Blog when you feel like you have something to say. You will soon gain loyal and regular readers who will come back again and again. I’ve made some close friends through blogging. If you can it’s well worth attending Britmums or one of the other blogging conferences. Maybe we will go to one together one day!

    Don’t forget to live xx

    • mydaysni says:

      I am loving it! When I was young I wanted to be Enid Blyton, and this is probably the closest I’m gonna get. The reason it is so time consuming is because I’m rubbish with IT. This is the third reply I’ve written to you, I keep losing it somehow! I would love to go to britmums someday. Maybe I’ll start prepping pete for next year lol!

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