Baby Brain – Does It Ever End?

We have all heard the stories about poor women inflicted with the condition commonly known as ‘Baby Brain.’ Women who have brushed their teeth with haemmaroid cream, forgotten how to use the microwave, and left their baby on the bus! Thankfully I have never done any of those things. Which is about the only thing I have to be thankful for as far as Baby Brain goes.

For those Baby Brain ‘doubters’ out there, I can tell you, it is not a made up condition. It is a very real thing. And as for those theorists that say it is your bodies way of ensuring you concentrate all your energies on your child, and not on less important matters! Huh! Then Mother Nature, I’m sorry to say your system needs tweaking, and has some very serious flaws. (See paragraph 1 re: the bus!)

It is how I first realised I was pregnant. I made a mistake at work. A bad one. And I was not in the habit of making mistakes. Unfortunately, ever since, it appears that I have developed a talent for it. I wouldn’t mind quite as much if only my youngest child wasn’t 18 months old! When will it end?

Take last week for example. On Tuesday I went to the school to collect Lewis – a whole hour before he was due to finish. Realising my mistake I decided to go to the local garage and get some petrol, bread and milk. I got my items, paid for the bread and milk and made my way back to my car. As I was getting into the car I could see the cashier knocking the shop window and gesturing at me. Yes, I was fully prepared to drive off without paying for my fuel. And imagine if I had. What if I had driven home, only to be tracked down by police officers ready to charge me with theft. Would, ‘Sorry officer, I suffer from Baby Brain,’ have been an acceptable defence. I doubt it!

Of course I spent the rest of the day chastising myself for being so silly, which is I imagine why I forgot to do Lewis’ homework that night. The teacher kindly left a little question mark in the blank box where I hadn’t signed my name. A little question mark that reminds me of my failing memory every night.

Most people think Baby Brain is a relatively amusing phenomena. And it can be! When it is happening to someone else, of course. When you are the one questioning whether you have Baby Brain, or are in fact losing your mind. Well, that’s not quite so funny!

I think for me, the hardest thing is not feeling like myself. As I said, prior to my first pregnancy I wasn’t in the habit of making mistakes. I had a pretty good memory, and I certainly wouldn’t have tried to shove a dummy into the mouth of the person holding the baby, instead of the screaming baby itself! (Sorry about that Mr C!)

I blame lack of use – I genuinely think going from a very busy and demanding job, to being a stay at home mum, has caused my problem. Do you want to know what my busy and demanding job was? It’s almost funny! I was in charge of the day to day running of a care home. For 25 people. Now, I am in charge of the day to day running of a home for 4 people. Of which I count as 1! Yet my ability to keep on top of stock levels, appointments, petty cash and the cleaning schedule, leaves a lot to be desired! I find having an organiser to write everything down, does help to combat baby brain – if only I could remember to check the darn thing every day!

Baby brain advice

It is incredibly frustrating to me when I forget things. So if I forgot your Birthday, (so many people,) I apologise. I’m sorry if I cannot remember your children’s names. Or yours. I want to scream sometimes. Scream until all the neurons in my head start firing again and I can return to the version of me that I think of as normal. But I don’t scream.  Instead I choose to laugh it off, along with most of the people who know me! I laugh long and hearty at my own misfortune. And when I stop, well, usually I can’t remember why I started in the first place!

Does anyone know? Does Baby Brain ever end?


  • Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) says:

    This is something that I am not expecting after giving birth and yes its so true. I am finding myself in a situation where I am always looking for answers that would otherwise be easy before I became a mother. #sharewithme

  • I have the worse baby brain ever and I blame it on a double back to back having babies that it’s so bad. I used to be so organized and be able to remember everything all the time. its frustrating that I can’t do that anymore. lol Glad I am not alone. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  • Erm mine is 20 months and I still blame things on baby brain on a regular basis – think it’s a state of being generally frazzled! 😉

  • lifeatthelittlewood says:

    Never Mel!! My youngest is five and I still have a head like a sieve! I was the same as you when I was at work – a total machine of efficiency and productivity. Now I’m lucky to remember to lift the tea out of the freezer. It’s an affliction, it really is! Xx

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