12 Ways Being a Mum is Like Being a University Student.

12 ways being a mum is like being a student

When I attended University I thought it would prepare me for my working life. I thought it would be the foundations of a fabulous career. What I didn’t know was that it would also prepare me for Motherhood, as some of the experiences are incredibly similar. Here are 12 ways being a mum is like being a University student.

  • Fresher’s week and the first trimester – both involve feeling like you have the worst hangover of your life. The only difference is pregnancy doesn’t involve alcohol.
  • Other people do not care about your sleeping habits. In fact, any suggestion of sleep from you will likely result in a party commencing.
  • You live on carbs, coffee and chocolate. Mostly because you don’t have to cook them ,and you live in hope they will help you stay awake.
  • Consoling people crying becomes a daily occurrence.
  • Cleaning up other people’s vomit becomes a weekly occurrence.
  • You spend much of your time listening to people talking nonsense, or talking nonsense yourself.
  • Your hygiene standards take a dive. Morning showers with water are replaced with morning showers of body spray.
  • You phone your mum for advice – a lot.
  • People are forever hugging you and leaning on you, and just generally being in your space. Personal boundaries become a thing of the past.
  • You watch more cartoons than you ever did as a child.
  • Other people have no respect for your belongs, or the house you live in. Stuff gets broken all the time.
  • These are some of the very best days of your life.

Can you add to the list?

Mr C suggested a number 13 – “Both spend all day lazing around the house.”

Responses to Mr C on a postcard; addressed to the shed at the bottom of the garden.

Mel x




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