10 Benefits of Having Two Children

I’ve had two children for 8 months now and I think it’s easy to sometimes focus on the difficulties of having double the trouble, twice as many chores and half as much money to spend on each. There are benefits of having two children though. Certainly in my household I’ve found two can sometimes make things easier. I thought I would share some of my reflections with you now I have two boys, Lewis (almost 4) and Aaron (8 months).

Benefits of having two kids

1. They are such good company for each other, it’s lovely to watch them interact. I was surprised at how quickly they became friends. Now Aaron is crawling and stealing Lewis’ toys. Lewis is teasing Aaron and bullying him. On many occasions I am telling Lewis to be careful while Aaron is laughing his head off at being dragged across the floor, or buried under a pile of Teddy bears. It’s hard not to join in the laughter but someone has to be the responsible adult!

2. You realise that going shopping with one child is easy. When Lewis was younger I used to explain the lack of groceries by saying how hard it was to go shopping with him. Now I am delighted if I manage to get out with just one boy in tow!

3. If you have a second child of the same sex, you save a fortune by passing down used clothing and toys. They don’t even have to be the same sex – it depends on the items and your equality views.

4. If you have a second child you save a fortune by not buying all the useless baby items you considered ‘must haves’ with your first.

5. Often you can gain reduced entry to attractions, or on holidays by buying a family ticket. These are nearly always designed for 2 Adults and 2 Children.

6. As I mentioned the boys are already good company for each other which means there are rare moments when they are playing together happily and I can be getting on with something else, like housework. Ok, maybe not housework, but I can be painting my nails or reading a book.

7. About 50% of the people that  were continually asking you when you were going to have another one, will stop. The other 50% will still ask you this question ever time they see you!

8. It’s easy to get to sleep at night, because you’ve been so busy  trying to get ahead with the mountain of washing playing with your children all day.

9. You’ve already ‘toughened up’ a bit, and are no longer completely humiliated when your baby starts screaming hysterically and you are out in public.

10. You get twice as many kisses and cuddles, which is the best benefit of all!

Phew, that was actually harder than I thought! I’m pretty sure I could make a much longer list about the drawbacks of having two children, but I like to  focus on the positives!

So if you are considering adding to your family I hope this has been useful! If you already have more than one child, what benefits of having two children would make your list?

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