Windowsills, Winter Wardrobes and Wildest Dreams

Hello, hello! Friday again, and time for another round up of #LittleLoves. I’m forever writing these posts at the eleventh hour, I don’t know how Friday’s come around so quickly! Here goes:

Read: I’ve had a lovely week in the land of blogging. Jenny picked my Cake for Breakfast post as her featured post on #ShareWithMe and then Netmums featured my post, 12 Ways Being a Mum is Like Being a University Student, as their blog of the day yesterday.  Generally I just blog away, much to the bewilderment of my family and friends, without much clue as to whether anyone really likes what I do. So I really appreciated the extra compliments I received this week. Thank you to everyone who supports me.

Watched: Last weekend we watched Fruitvale Station, on Netflix. I thought it was good, but mostly just sad, which is perhaps why I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I thought I would.

Listened: To Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams

Made: I think I’m going to be in my new bedroom in about a month. I am actually ready for carpets, but the en-suite is not finished, and my plumber has gone to Lanzarote! This week was all about staining the woodwork.

Staining windowsills

Wore: Autumn is in the air, and the low sun has seen me wearing my sunglasses more often than I did in the summer months. I’ve also had my hair chopped. I think it might possibly be the shortest it has ever been!


Lewis is still reminiscing about the recent wedding we attended, in particular the photo booth. So much so that we still cannot take a photo without him shouting out to put on a funny face!


And I also got these great winter outfits for the boys from Lidl’s. I almost want it to snow so we can wear them!

lidl clothing

And Lastly: I have a busy week ahead, meeting up with old friends and … you know… all those other things us mum’s do! I hope you all have a great weekend. I’ll catch up with you again soon.




  • Caro says:

    Fruitvale Station has been on my watchlist for a while, but I keep passing over it for other things, maybe because a few people have said the same as you. must get around for seeing for myself though. I love your haircut, and the Lidl outfits are fab!

  • Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    I felt sad watching Fruitvale Station too, couldn’t help thinking “what if” a lot. Congrats on being netmums blog of the day, just read the post and it is so true (and I kinda agree with your hubby’s 13th one too).
    Have a lovely week. xxx

  • Louisa says:

    I love your hair. You’ll need a new scarf to keep your neck warm now 😉
    Congrats on your featured posts. It’s lovely to get your writing recognised.
    I hope you will share your finished house makeover. Mr M has just treated me to a wallpaper scraper, so I will have a bedroom makeover of my own to share eventually!
    Have a lovely week xx

  • Those winter outfits are fab! They will be perfectly kitted out for the winter in those.
    So cute that Lewis wants to pull funny faces in all the photos now, he obviously loved that photobooth!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

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