Tasty Treats for the Summer

Tasty Treats

One of the things I love about summer is that the supermarkets change their stock, and I often see a new selection of tasty treats. I do have a tendency to buy the same things week in and week out, so if there is something different on the supermarket shelves, I like to try to add a bit more variety to our usual diet.

Some of my recent tasty treats:

Oat crackers

Mr C and I have been loving these Oat Crackers by Nairns. They have the flavour of oatcakes but they are much lighter and crispier, as they are a cracker, hence the name. Serve with a mature cheddar, and a glass of wine. That’s our Saturday night sorted. Yum!

Forest Feast Crunchy Peas

I also want to tell you about this new snack from Forest Feast, Crunchy Coated Peas. They sent us a sample to try before they hit the shops this summer, and they certainly live up to their description of, Peas With Punch! With three flavours to choose from, Spicy, Hot and Sour, or Smokin’, I suggest you have a glass of water on standby when you first try these, but be prepared – they are addictive!

Neapolitan Ice Cream

If you need something to cool you down after that why not go for a traditional Neapolitan ice-cream. Listening to my children arguing about which flavour ice-cream we should buy resulted in me buying this on a whim. I had forgotten the delight that is strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice-cream all in the same bowl. It’s an oldie, but a goodie! And of course a little wafer makes it even more special.

Lough Neagh Cafe Antrim

Treats aren’t limited to my shopping trolley, and we recently went to the Cafe at Antrim Lough Shore. The last time I was there I recall the cafe was a little grim. Well, it’s not now. It was lovely with a really good selection of light lunches and snacks, to please the whole family. We will be back!

What tasty treats have you discovered lately?

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