Spring has sprung! #LittleLoves

Hurrah, the school holidays are here! Well, they will be at the stroke of noon! I think we are all ready for the break! And although I doubt I will get any long lies, at least I will be able to take my time over my morning coffee! This has been another manic week, and once again I have sat down far too late to consider this post, so it’s gonna be short and sweet! Here goes:


A Trick of the Mind, by Penny Hancock.Β  The main character, Ellie, becomes involved with a man she thinks she injured. The tag line of the book being, ‘Have you commited a crime, or are you the victim of one?’ This book was, I think, aiming to be a psychological thriller, but it was just too ‘unlikely’. The reviews of this book are mainly good, and I have no complaints about the writing. The story just didn’t convince me. Have you read it? What did you think?


The solar eclipse last Friday! The skies were so grey, and then it really was miraculous as this little window of light appeared and I had an opportunity to catch some photos!

Solar eclipse 2015 Northern Ireland

Lewis and Aaron going for a short bike ride. This was Aaron’s very first one, and he loved it bless him!

Lewis Aaron bicycle ride


I listened to Lewis taking part in a show at a club he attends. That boy is not stage shy, and practically shouted down the microphone! He was playing a bin man and his line was ‘What a load of rubbish!’ I think his favourite part was when the kids were given water pistols to soak the audience!


I made pork chops, for maybe the second time ever, as I am not a big fan of them normally. I cooked them, and then cut them into thin strips and added them to aΒ stir fry. It worked out quite well, and I’m sure I’ll be making it again!


Aaron got some new wellies. Santa had brought him some, which he refused to wear, but thankfully he likes these ones! Just as well because I plan to spend a whole lot more time outdoors now that the weather is milder! Maybe get that grass cut!!!

Aaron new boots

And Lastly:

I have daffodils! Need I say more!


Have a great week everyone! (Sorry, it wasn’t that short! As always, when you look back there are often more little loves than anticipated!)



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