Something for the Weekend

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I cannot believe there are less than two weeks until the school summer holidays are over! I know I have mostly been telling you about my adventures, but inbetween I have been having some down time and a bit of a chill out. If that sounds good, and  you want ideas for something for the weekend, put your feet up and read on.

Something for the Weekend:

First up, film. I do apologise as all my film picks are from Netflix, but honestly, I think Netflix offers great value for money, compared to other entertainment providers.

Fundamentals of Caring

My first pick is The Fundamentals of Caring. It’s a really sweet film about a disabled teenage boy and his carer, and the rather unorthadox relationship they build. Funny and sad, this film is well worth a watch.


Next up is Brooklyn. This is a period drama, about a girl who moves to America to make a better life for herself. Circumstances, means she has to return to Ireland for a visit, and then she has to make the tough decision about which country to call home. This film had me guessing a bit, but I think she made the right choice!


My third choice is Tullulah. A young travelling girl finds herself alone after her boyfriend leaves when she rejects his suggestion they move into a flat and have a baby. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but guess what happens next…

Also, don’t forget that this is the final weekend of the 2016 Olympics. Now if you can’t be in Rio to watch events unfold, let Forest Feast bring the taste of Brazil to you, with their range of tasty tropical snacks! They sent me some to try, and I have to say, If there were medals available for making these snacks disappear, I think my family would win!

Something for the weekend

Now, if television isn’t your cup of tea, and you would rather sit down with a good book, may I suggest The Secret Life of Bees. Of course, it’s not predominantly about bees, it’s about a young girl who runs away from home. It is set in America and examines racial tensions in the 1950’s, the strength of family ties, and how choices are rarely easy. Of course, it also tells us a little bit about bees…

Secret life of bees

Given this weekend’s weather forecast (Seriously, have you seen the weather warnings?), may I also suggest you get your hot water bottles at the ready, and batten down your gazebo’s!

Whatever you do, have a good one!




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