Snow Days and #LittleLoves

I am seriously considering changing the name of these posts to ‘How the weather has affected my week!’ This one is not boring old rain and wind though. It’s snow! Proper proper snow! Eckkk..

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s time for this weeks Little Loves!  (Makes it sound like it’s going to be exciting doesn’t it? – It is exciting! It features snow!):


It’s been a Jodi Picoult week. I was thrilled to discover a couple of her books I haven’t read before. This week I finished the book Leaving Time. One of the things I most enjoy about her style is; apart from a story, I often learn all sorts of information on a subject I wouldn’t normally pay much attention to. In this case it was elephants. They put the rest of us Mummy’s to shame by the way! So, it was a really interesting read, with loads of twists and turns in the story, which was great and kept me guessing. However… I wasn’t convinced on the ending. Questions were left unanswered, the conclusion was (in my opinion) improbable. I just wasn’t overly keen, but up until that point it was another great read by Jodi Picoult. Has anyone else read this? What did you think?


I don’t think I’ve watched any television at all this week. Though last weekend Mr C and I watched a film starring Jennifer Aniston called ‘We’re the Millers’. A little over the top in some places, but in general it was quite amusing. The cover kind of speaks for itself!

Jennifer Aniston We're the Millers



My radio waves are still pumping out Uptown Funk. Will that song ever get old?


Wellies on the school run and snow suits for the boys, and if you can’t find gloves for your kids – socks do just as good a job of keeping their wee mitts warm!

Toddler in the snow

Snowball fight


I got so excited when I saw all the snow. It was perfect powder soft snow, and I just had to go out and have a play. I made some snowballs…

powder snowballs

..but I didn’t have anyone to throw them at, so I turned them into a little snowman!



And when Lewis finished school, we made a proper snowman. For the first time ever in his 4 whole years! Aaron did not participate. I’m not sure if it was the wellie boots or the snow he was opposed to, but Aaron only lasted outdoors for about 30 seconds, bless him! Lewis lasted until the blizzard came on just as the snowman got his finishing touches!

Large snowman

And Lastly:

I’ve been enjoying a little bit of reminiscing this week. My blog is 1 year old! I’m actually quite proud of myself. Mr C would tell you I do like a bit of a whim in life. I have big ideas, but usually the novelty wears off pretty quickly when I start a new venture. But I’ve stuck at this blogging lark. I think because it is actually much harder than it looks. It’s a challenge, and an education of sorts. I like it, and I’m going to stick around for a bit longer I think!

What are your Little Loves this week?





  • Lauren says:

    Happy blog birthday!!
    That is a crazy amount of snow! We’ve only had the tiniest of dustings here so it’s odd to see other places with so much.
    We’ve seen We’re The Millers, I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a really good cast x

  • Happy Blogaversary! That snow looks so deep!! And I still haven’t got tired of Uptown Funk either! A fab song. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  • Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    Happy Blogoversary, I’m a bit fickly too so can’t believe I’ve stuck at it so long either. I think you’re right though, there’s so much to be constantly learning that it makes it a permanent challenge. You had lots of snow, fab little snowman. xx

  • lifewithmunchers says:

    Happy blogversary!
    Oddly enough, I live in the North of Scotland and haven’t had more than a dusting all Winter. We’re finding it rather amusing, as it’s usually the other way around!
    Have a great weekend! x

  • The close-up of the snowballs lookes ace and the snowman very cute!

  • Oh wow, we just had a little sprinkle of snow last night but nothing much! I love We’re the Millers… when she throws the ‘baby’ into the road just cracks me up every time.. haha! Hopping over from #littleloves , Kerry x

  • ravacholle says:

    I love the snow pictures and the little snowmen. I quite enjoyed ‘We’re the Millers’ too! Congratulations on your blogiversary!

  • Hi Mel – it’s my first time linking up so hello there *waves* 🙂 and a local girl too! Though I’m v envious of your snow as we didn’t have much with us…and my kids had school so no snow day to make a snowman 🙁
    Happy Blogaversary – great achievement to complete a whole year of blogging. Keep up the good work and have a super weekend! Ax

  • Louisa says:

    Happy blog birthday! I have serious snow envy. We’ve had a very poor show and I’m launching an official complaint to the weather men. I shall think of you building lovely snowmen this weekend and weeping 😉 x

  • So much snow! My girls would be seriously jealous if they saw this, all we got is slushy stuff, yuck!
    Happy blogaversy, it’s a massive achievement and you should be proud. Have a lovely weekend xx

  • Happy 1 year blogaversary! Wowsers, you really did get a nice blanket of snow didn’t you, that snowman looks super! We had a little dusting here yesterday but not worth shouting about.Hope you guys have a lovely weekend xxx #LittleLoves

  • Yes Happy Blog Anniversary! I love your snowmen – especially the little one – it’s so cute! We had about a 20 minute sprinkling of snow here yesterday just as I was leaving work! By the time I got home it had turned to rain so no snowdays or snow fun here 🙁 Have a great weekend Mel Xx #littleloves

  • Oh beautiful. I wish we would get some real snow. We just get snow/frost or snow/ice not stuff my two can play in. And MM has never seen proper snow I want her to be able to go play in it. lol Love your photos of snow play. That movie sounds funny I have heard its good but not seen it yet. Will have to check it out. Happy 1 year blogiversary. I just had mine it’s a great feeling isn’t it? You have done so well. #littleloves

    • mydaysni says:

      Time just flies doesn’t it! You might get snow yet, I think there is more forecast for the start of next week. Now I’ve made a snowman though, I’m happy for it to go elsewhere!

  • Mummy Hearts You says:

    Wow, you really did get some snow! Lovely snowman!! I don’t think that song will ever get old.. Ever! Happy blogversary x

  • Catherine says:

    Happy blog birthday 🙂

    I love your snowman’s wiggly arms.


  • Happy Blogaversary! I think mine is coming up shortly too, must have a look! Wow all that snow, reminds me of the ’80’s! Love when Uptown Funk comes on the radio – love it!! Have a lovely weekend xxx

  • lifeatthelittlewood says:

    Happy blog birthday again lovely! 🙂 Goodness, it looks like you got tonnes of snow! The novelty has worn off a bit with my lot now, and we stayed in and watched it from the warm this time round! It’s so pretty to look at though. Have a fab weekend Mel xxx

  • anotherbun1 says:

    Happy 1 year blogaversary! We’ve missed out on all the snow here – a good thing, but I do wish we could have a pretty little sprinkle! Not enough to cause disruption though! Hope you have a fab weekend x

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