Pears, tantrums and books! #LittleLoves

I promised myself I would not start of another Little Loves talking about the weather! So I won’t – I’ll save it for later in the post! I am kind of hoping January would just hurry up and sod off though. I think it really is the dullest month of the year. One must keep going though and it’s not all blue. I have a list of Little Loves which have been cheering me up:


I have been burying myself in books this week. My ultimate escapism. I read three books, but only two are worth a mention. Firstly, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I have heard several bloggers recommend this, and it really was good. Like all good love stories, it was simple, yet complicated. Humorous, yet always tinged with sadness. Buy it!

My favourite however was The Rose Garden. Unlike the quote on the front, I did not feel this was like The Time Traveller’s Wife, in any way, other than the fact this involved time travel. In The Rose Garden the story flowed and weaved through time in an easy manner. Another love story, this one was full of history, and unexpected events which kept me turning the pages eagerly.

The Rose Garden Susanna Kearsley


Not much – I was busy reading! Hmmm…. oh… I watched a programme called The World’s Best Diet. Without telling you the overall winner (just in case you’ve taped it???) the general conclusion was pick healthy foods and stop eating processed crap! Now I know this already, I guess the key is to actually do it!


Carrying on from the previous thread, I know this is not healthy, but I’m not sure if it falls under the umbrella of processed food, since I did make it myself. Pear Crumble. The ice-cream I bought. It was delicious though, and I will have to get the recipe on the blog soon.

Pear crumble and ice cream


I heard a new song on the radio, during the old school run. I really liked it, it had an earthy drum based sound. They didn’t say what it was though, and I can’t remember what it went like! Hopefully it will be on again and I’ll find out!


Speaking of the school run; one day this week it was -5 degrees! At 9am! Needless to say it’s been hat’s and gloves all week, which does not make mornings any easier. I let Lewis (4) dress himself – well I insist he does it, so he usually looks like a scarecrow. Getting him to put on the extra layers brings it own set of challenges., such as lying down in protest! However, I love that if you approach him in the right manner he is easy to get out of a strop. For example, he was his jolly laughing self about 30 seconds after this photo, as I was teasing him about sending the photo to all his favourite people!

4 year old getting dressed

And Lastly:

Mr C and I have been planning out our new bedroom. We are praying we have the garage converted before next Christmas! What we hadn’t considered was that when getting quotes, people ask things like ‘How many electrical sockets do you want?’ Well this has pretty much lead to us having to consider exactly where we are going to put the furniture. So we have been drawing and make mock up rooms using kitchen chairs, and – well, lets hope it all works out as we think it will!

What are your Little Loves this week?



  • Oh man, pear crumble is the best!! I really miss crumbles and pies, neither of my girls like them so I can’t justify making them, sob.

  • lifewithmunchers says:

    Oh my word…all I can say is PEAR CRUMBLE!!!! For years I’ve endured apple crumble and just ate the crumble as I always found the apple too pear crumble is where it’s at!

  • Alice W says:

    “A coat! Why do I need a COAT on?!”. We grown ups have the funniest ideas :p that crumble looks amazing, and I’d love to try The Rose Garden, sounds like a good read. Have a great weekend! Xx

  • Amy Parish says:

    Mmm pear crumble looks yummy! Enjoy the weekend x

  • Pear crumble and ice cream? Delicious! Don’t even get me started on the weather, it was -4 on the preschool this morning. I really can’t handle the cold, give me blue skies and sunshine any day. The Fault In Our Stars is on my reading list, i’ve heard so many good things about this book and am a sucker for romance. Have a lovely weekend xxx #LittleLoves

  • Lauren says:

    Oh The Rose Garden sounds interesting. I couldn’t get into The Time Travellers wife because I couldn’t keep up with what was going on. However, I loved the film. Is that a really sinful thing to say?
    Pear crumble sounds amazing x

  • lifeatthelittlewood says:

    Oh Mel – it takes me about 20minutes to get my 3 all coat-ed and hat-ted and gloved up for school. Summer is definitely easier on the morning routine! How exciting about the bedroom! I know exactly what you mean about the sockets – it took us 3 weeks to do the electrical plan for our house and we are still missing plugs where we need them! Have a great weekend sweetpea xx

  • Louisa says:

    I’ll have to try The Rose Garden, it sounds good, Is it similar to Outlander? I have become weather obsessed this week. Will it snow? Won’t it snow? Just get on with it and snow before I explode! Getting the kids to wrap up warm is challenging here too. My son actually had shorts and tshirts on for none uniform day. He had a proper strop when I made him change! Happy weekend x #littleloves

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