Sun, Shorts, and Screams of Delight #LittleLoves

Daisy from garden

This daisy photo, pretty much sums up my past week or so. Life has whizzed by in a bit of a blur, but the sky has been blue, and the plants are practically growing as you watch them. Lewis turned 6, and I know every Mother says it, but I really can’t believe the time has gone by so fast! Sometimes I wish I could turn the clock back. Do some things a little differently. Make some smarter choices. But then I wouldn’t be where I am now. Enjoying these sunny days. Watching my boys play, and grow and bond. And sharing some of the best bits with you. Here are this week’s #LittleLoves


One of the great things about blogging, is that is it accessible to so many people. Literally anyone can start a blog and write about whatever they so desire. I read many blogs, of a diverse nature, but there is one local blogger who sometimes just amazes me. Her name is Sharon, aka Wee Frizz. Her ability to understand our behaviour and formulate that into a relatable piece of writing is just fantastic. She recently wrote about being a mum, and having the flu. You should go here and read it.


Still trying to make an effort to eat more healthily. I have taken quite a fancy for pink grapefruit, and have been enjoying that, even if it does make me screw my face up!

Grapefruit pink

Salad Platter

I also made some cake picks for the little tray bakes I treated us to for Lewis’ birthday party. Really simple to do, I just used PVA glue to stick some cut cardboard to toothpicks. I was happy with them, and I can definitely see me doing more in the future.

Tray Bakes


Of course no birthday party is complete without a birthday present. Lewis got a trampoline and I listened to the screams of enjoyment from him, and the screams of terror from 2 year old Aaron, who didn’t. I may have had a little bounce myself, but you won’t be getting to see any pictures of that!


Instead Aaron was very helpful in going around the garden and informing me every time he found another Dandelion. He presents them to me as if they were a dozen roses. I guess I have a few things to teach him yet!

Picking Dandelions


Shorts! We have all had our shorts on, enjoying every moment of sun we can. The boys have just loved getting out more, and Aaron keeps asking for the beach.

Summer Boys fashion

And Lastly

The other thing I have done this week is order bed clothes. After about 6 months deliberating I have finally put my money on the line, and I hope the final effect will be just as I imagine. With any luck I will be able to share that with you next week. ¬†I’m excited!!!

Have a great weekend y’all, and thanks for stopping by.



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