Things I’ve been loving lately! {Mayka, Monday and Making Memories}

It’s official! The summer holidays are over. It’s time to pull up my socks and get ready for another term of early starts, homework and woolly hats! This summer has been manic and memorable, but I am glad to be packing away the tent and embracing some different hobbies. It can be hard to keep everyone entertained in the colder months. So here are some of the things we have been enjoying lately, that are perfect for those rapidly shortening evenings.

Mayka Toy Tape:

The kids were gifted a sample of Mayka Toy Tape. You’ve probably seen the adverts. This is the tape that is Lego compatible and has the ability to be stuck to surfaces. This means you can now make your creations even more adventurous. Take the tape round corners, make swaying bridges, mountain sides and even a garden to surround your castle. At least, these were the ideas Lewis and Aaron had. But the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

You just have to cut the tape to the required size, remove the sticky backing, and you are ready to play.

Unfortunately we didn’t see the little piece of paper inside which said unsuitable for painted surfaces, until it was already stuck to the bedroom wall! Luckily it came off without any damage. The tape is quite sticky though, so a plastic surface like the little table we used, was ideal.

The kids loved adding a different element to their game, and I’m sure adding more Mayka tape to their collection will be a request I hear soon!

What Happened to Monday:

In my house it’s usually more like what happened to Saturday and Sunday, but actually this has nothing to do with the days of the week. What Happened to Monday is a film I watched on Netflix. It’s set in the future where a one child policy means any additional siblings are ‘confiscated’ by the state. It features a family of seven sisters who are in hiding, and what happens when they are found out. It’s not my usual type of film, but I enjoyed the unpredictability of it. Here’s the trailer:

Making Memories:

One of the consequences of returning to work, has been a definite lack of time to catch up with family and friends. So last month, I loved having an excuse to throw a party and have some family round.

I made some flower arrangements which I was thrilled with. Flowers really do just brighten up a room! I remember a time when Mr C bought me flowers every week. Then that changed to nappies. But the kids are all trained up now, so I think it’s about time flowers started to make a reappearance!

Happy wife, happy life, Mr C!

I’m off now as that kids are demanding food, as per usual!

Until next time!



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