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Hello there! Is everybody and their home still standing? It would blow you away this week! Literally! I quite like a good storm when I’m all snuggled up indoors, but the weather has been harsh all week, and life must go on. Well, the school run must go on, at least! Actually, I think I’ve had quite a productive week! So, roll up, roll up, and read all about it in this week’s Little Loves!


There was a blog post this week which made me think. It brought a lump to my throat.  Written by the lovely Jo at Not a Frumpy Mum, the post was entitled Dear Teacher – Please Notice Him. Lewis started school this year, and I hope he is well behaved when there. It just never occurred to me that this could be detrimental. I so hope this isn’t the case, and as he’s is in a small class of 18, and he quite likes  bit of attention, I doubt it. Go and have a read, and see what you think.


I have heard this little video from a Northern Ireland schoolboy making the rounds. I think the thing that amuses me most is the fact that it has gone viral. He has a ‘country’ style Northern Ireland accent – totally different to the Belfast accent, which is perhaps why it is doing so well. Apparently he really does talk like this – who knows?  Please note: I am a country girl, but I do not talk like this! However, I do know some people who do!


I deliberated over whether to tell you this one – I don’t want to ruin my wholesome image! Ha ha! So I’m going to start by telling you it is a 15 rated comedy film starring Cameron Diaz, playing the part of a Mum. (Who incidentally is doing quite well for herself as a mummy blogger.) It’s called Sex Tape, and basically the couple lose some copies of their tape and have to try and get them back. The reason I’m telling you is because this is undoubtedly the funniest film I have watched in a long time. Mr C and I were in stitches! Even the next day I kept having flashbacks and giggling to myself! If you haven’t seen it you should – but perhaps not with an actual 15 year old in the room, or your parents, as footage does include some making of the tape in question.


I actually braved the snow and the storms and headed out for a little retail therapy. I have yet to find a good fitting pair of skinny jeans, but I did buy some jegging type trousers. And some new boots and a coat. I’m pretty close to my head to toe waterproof wish, and now my trousers ends aren’t getting all soggy in the rain – hurrah!

Sale clothing 2015

(Coat: TK Maxx, Jeggings: Asda, Boots: Debenhams)


I was trying to be creative and ‘make’ a new blog header. The plan was a little collection of items that would represent all the things I talk about in my blog. Simples? – No… not really!  And then the arranging, and then the standing far enough back when taking the photo so that when I resized all the items were in the correct place. And the light at this time of year is just awful for taking photos! But I did it! It is far from perfect, but a whole lot better than the last attempt! Which sums up me and my blog quite nicely!

I am also trying to eat a little healthier. Can’t say it is going very well just at the minute, but I did make up some lovely Roasted Vegetable and Tuna Pasta, as an alternative to bread at lunch time. Small steps people! Small steps! You can find the recipe here.

vegetable tuna past recipe

And Lastly:

The truth is, the thing I have been loving more than anything this week is… my bed! I have been in bed by about 9.30pm every night. I think there is a little bug trying to get me – but I determined not to let it because let’s face it – with two young kids the ability  to actually spend a day in bed if needed, is nil!

How has your week been?




  • LOVE your new header, seems very reminiscent of you and perfect for your blog. Well done! Oh i SO want to see Sex Tape and your comments above have sold me even more! Hope the weather improves for you this week, we’ve had some horrendous storms and wind here too! Roll on Summer xxx #littleloves

  • Louisa says:

    p.s love your header x

  • Louisa says:

    Hopefully the wind will settle down this week but I keep hear rumblings about snow. The video is very funny, the young boy speaks so quickly. It will probably come back to haunt him throughout his life now that it has gone viral! #littleloves

  • I love your new blog header – you did a great job. I may have to watch Sex Tape myself – it sounds like something I would enjoy. I love those boots too. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo

  • thelovebump says:

    Ok I’ve just watched that YouTube video about ten times in a row and I’m lolling my head off. I still have NO idea what the first sentence he says is?! haha! Hopping over from #LittleLoves , Kerry x

  • I’m obviously really missing out… Need to watch this “Sex Tape”, you are a hoot with the description! I really loved Jo’s post too, it’s made me worry about when Amelia starts school, although she is far from quiet! We have had a great laugh as that schoolboy too!! Have a fab weekend xxx

  • lifeatthelittlewood says:

    I love your header!! 🙂 I really giggled at your description of Sex Tape, Mel. That’s totally how I’d describe it too. I do that whole Miranda thing with the word sex, where i can’t actually say it properly! 🙂 Your new outfit is fab – love the boots! Have a great weekend lovely lady xx

    • mydaysni says:

      Ahem…I do not know what you mean!!! I just thought it might look bad if I just wrote, ‘You should watch this really good film called S*x Tape,’ and left it there! It is really funny though…

  • I have to admit my first impressions of the film ‘Sex Tape’ were to be a bit worried about the fact that the poster was plastered all over bus stops etc. where my little children could see it! It made me worry about the nature of what’s acceptable in the wider society these days. (My five year old did actually say something about “silly lady’s forgotten to put her trousers on!”). Sounds like a very funny film though! That boy really does have a ‘country’ accent doesn’t he?! I thought Jo’s post was very thought provoking too but it makes me think about what it was like to be a girl in a mixed sex school when I was a teenager – the noisy disruptive boys always got all the attention – I think as a girl it would have been better to go to a single sex school! At least we have boys I guess! Hope you get some quality duvet time this weekend Mel 😉 X #littleloves

    • mydaysni says:

      It is a fine line between educating our children and protecting them isn’t it. To be fair I hadn’t seen or heard of this before buying the DVD in Asda, but yes we don’t leave it sitting about lol!

  • Ickle Pickle says:

    Ooooh what a lovely post! I do hope the little bug doesn’t get you!

  • Lovely little loves round up Mel. I’m defo going to watch Sex Tape tonight after your little review, I spotted it on Sky and wondered if it was any good as it does look really funny.
    Loving your outfit – perfect for this horrendous weather!
    Have a great weekend xx

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